4 Things To Look for When Choosing a Law Office Answering Service

4 Things To Look for When Choosing a Law Office Answering Service

Lawyers are indeed very busy. Responsibilities include engaging prospective new clients, monitoring current clients, securing and updating the case law, drafting briefs, and occasionally lawsuits. That leaves relatively little time to answer calls, and in-house reception staff can be costly.

Luckily, there are live answering services that allow lawyers to outsource their incoming telephone calls at a fraction of the price of employing a full-time receptionist. Legal response systems may be the answer for legal practitioners that require assistance in handling telephone lines and enhancing customer loyalty.

What is a Law Office Answering Service?

Legal response systems handle inbound calls to a law firm or a lawyer’s office, typically collect caller information, accept texts, address often asked questions, and make appointments. Live reception staff at the answering service operates on behalf of the client, but callers may not know that the customer service is outsourced. Any legal answering services often carry out outbound calls, which could help the company develop new leads and find new customers.

The best legal Answering Service gives responses to several attorneys, making them ideal for small businesses.

When you’re working with a Law Office Answering Service, it’s essential to pick one that your company can scale with. Ask if the organization can employ extra lawyers or offer new services on request. When your legal career expands, so will your needs.

Problems Lawyers Face When Handling Client Partnerships.

When your time is at a premium, and you’re still more thin than thin, you can’t afford to answer every question that comes to your business directly.

Perhaps a call or email comes at an untimely time—during a conference, for example, or while you’re away from the workplace or during a challenging project.

For other times, interaction is a waste of additional hours. It could be an excessively nervous client who enjoys micro-management or an unorganized client who asks for the same paper for the fifth year in a row.

These kinds of people get in the way of their interests and the business lines of their legal leaders. Lawyers must balance contact with a wide variety of customers and prospects, all of whom demand sensitive, customized support. Spend half the time overseeing current clients, and you’re going to lose the chance to develop your practice. Spend all your time chasing a new company, and your bond with the customer will be affected.

Technology has brought the already heightened stresses of ordinary legal problems to extremes. Clients now demand responses immediately, even though there is no simple answer, even though the best approach is to wait and see.

How’s one going to do that? By taking advantage of the answering service for lawyers. If you are looking for a Law Office Answering Service that will streamline the law firm’s handling of phones, make sure the company you select provides these four main functions.

1. Trustable Receptionists With Advanced Training 

To hand off ownership of the phones to someone different is nerve-wracking because you need to trust the individual who will be acting on behalf of your law firm.

You want a competent and eloquent receptionist who can satisfy the demands of your company and its customers. For example, some receptionists offer simple telephone answering facilities, such as recording messages and transmitting calls. Others had more advanced expertise in many fields, including laws.

2. Dedicated Receptionists Who Know The Law Practice And How You Do It

Modern call centers appear to be impersonal, and the typical call center experience won’t motivate callers to trust the staff with important legal issues.

Plus, telemarketers don’t want to click 0 to speak to an agent. They’d rather talk to a true person right from the beginning. Ideally, the actual human being would also be familiar with the law firm and how it works.

Achieving this degree of familiarity is only possible if you work alongside a devoted receptionist or a small staff.

3. Dedication to Privacy

Certain sectors, like the government, need particular attention to secrecy and privacy. When selecting a law office answering service, don’t hesitate to ask the company about your privacy protocols.

4. Make Sure They’Re Always Taken Care

Customer support response, the websites, and brochures are of high consistency and excellence. Confidence, but check it out. Ask how they guarantee the consistency of the service they offer to you.

Many respectable companies should have a full-time call reviewer who listens to requests for each call center operator regularly.

As they say, the service to the customer is a journey, not a destination. Continuous coaching aims to achieve the excellence of rough wire operation. Ask them to talk specifically, if possible, to hear what goes into the test.


Mixed live and interactive answering services will deliver increased functionality and cost savings. If you need a mix of one or the other, a competent answering service will be a gateway to help you get your company to the next level. Please email Hartley & Associate now or fill out our online contact form to see if we can help.

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