How does a washing machine play an important role in our daily lives?

How does a washing machine play an important role in our daily lives?

Washing machines have over the time proven to be a revolutionary laundry cleaning apparatus, efficiently making the mundane task of washing and drying clothes less cumbersome. Nonetheless, to understand the role of this home appliance in detail, one needs to become familiar with its features and accompanying benefits. 

Also, one must note that the features accompanying this home appliance may vary among different brands and types. So, one may look for the specifications of the best washing machine brands to gain a better understanding of the product and its role in general. It should also help in understanding how the appliance plays a critical role in one’s everyday life.

Benefits of using a washing machine 

  • Helps to save time

The entire process of doing laundry can often be an ordeal, especially when one has to do so manually. Steps like sorting, soaking, and rising take a lot of time and supervision, especially when dealing with a delicate fabric.  

However, when it comes to doing laundry in a washing machine, the entire process can be completed within a few minutes and without the need for monitoring it. In turn, it helps save significant time and energy.

  • Requires less effort

Washing clothes manually is a demanding chore and requires a lot of efforts right from the start. Conversely, with the help of a washing machine, individuals can get a week-old laundry cleaned easily with little effort. Typically, washing machines require individuals to load the laundry, add detergent and start the cycle. In turn, it makes the entire process effortless.

  • Comes with variable cycles

These appliances provided by the best washing machine brands come with variable washing cycles that cater to specifications like a larger load of laundry or delicate clothing. It allows users to select a suitable cycle for different types of laundry and protect clothes from any damage that may result due to forceful or unsuitable washing technique. 

  • Available in different sizes

Several washing machine brands design these appliances in different sizes that allow individuals with limited space to fit it into their homes easily as per the available space. Also, portable washing machines enable users to store them away after use with much ease. 

  • Helps in drying clothes readily

The best washing machine brands add an inbuilt dryer in their machines, which comes in handy in multiple ways for individuals who are usually pressed for time. For instance, the automatic drying feature does not require users to put their clothes out to dry them. Also, individuals do not need to wait for a long time to dry their clothes, in turn, sparing them of the unnecessary hassles of doing so manually.

This role of a washing machine thus makes a user’s life simpler and the experience of washing laundry less of a hassle. Regardless, to make the most of this appliance, one must be aware of the different types of washing machines available in the market today.

Types of washing machine

In a broader sense, there are four most popular types of washing machines, namely –

  1. Automated top-loading washing machines.
  2. Front loading washing machines with washer and dryer combo.
  3. Semi-automatic top-loading machines.
  4. Stackable washing machines with separate washer and dryer.

One must note that the price of IFB washing machine depends on its type, design, and features. For instance, the price of a top load washing machine is lower than the cost of a front-load variant.

Ideally, the approximate cost of an automatic front load washing machine remains around Rs.30,000 – Rs.35,000. For instance, the Samsung WW80J4243MW automatic front load washing machine model is a popular laundry apparatus that costs around Rs.31,240. However, the top load washing machine is relatively less spacious when compared to the front load ones.

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Though the best washing machine brands tend to make the mundane chore of doing laundry much simpler, one must be responsible when it comes to selecting this appliance. It is ideal to consider purchasing a washing machine that helps with energy conservation and at the same time, uses less water. Such a choice will not only help clean laundry easily but will also facilitate conservation of water and energy in the long run, thus contributing to your financial savings