5 Vital Life Lessons That Only Travel Can Teach Us

5 Vital Life Lessons That Only Travel Can Teach Us

“Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, and sometimes in the middle of nowhere you find yourself.” – Unknown

Someone once said that there’s no better teacher in life than life itself. While this may hold true for a lot of people, travellers would beg to differ. It’s not unknown or unheard of that travel changes you as a person. Simply experiencing different cultures, eating different cuisines, meeting the local people and even just breathing in a different air can make you feel so many things at once, that you probably may not feel otherwise.

Even virtual travel, for that matter, which has become more immersive and personalized can make you see things that you would otherwise not give another thought. We are so consumed with our daily lives that we don’t take a single moment to stop and smell the roses. What do we do? We wake up, drag ourselves through work, race through all of our errands, and jump into bed the moment the first free second presents itself – we’re simply stuck in a rut. There’s no time for what we call ‘life lessons’ because we don’t really have a life anymore.

When we get caught up in this routine that we have come to call life, we end up losing ourselves. And this is the biggest mistake one can make. Travel, on the other hand, has many lessons to teach – enough to transform you and change your perspective on life and its dealings and we’re here to tell you about a few of those lessons. Let’s jump right in!

Lesson #1: Leave Your Comfort Zone

You must venture outside of your comfort zone and accept the unknown if you want to succeed in life. You’ll never really widen your horizons if you stick to a tried-and-tested routine. As you traverse new horizons, you leave the familiar behind and enter a new world. You’re always discovering new cultures, friends, cuisines, and languages as a result of your journeys. You can experience excitement or even fear, but you almost never experience boredom. It will be one of the most satisfying experiences of your life.

Lesson #2: Be More Patient

Travelling is never as smooth as you expect it to be. You’ve probably become accustomed to how things are done in your own country, but there’s a world of difference between the customs of your country and those in other countries. When you travel, you are likely to face difficulties and it is important that you figure out how to solve them. Whether it’s struggling to communicate in a foreign language or misplacing your luggage, the more you fly, the more patient you’ll become. The greatest lesson in patience is learning how to deal with these small setbacks.

Lesson #3: Be More Curious

Travelling to new places piques your curiosity and probe new ideas about the local customs, the local cuisine, the language, the religious practices and the overall culture. Interacting with the locals and natives of the region you’re in will give you a clearer picture, thereby turning these curiosities into discoveries. As a result, you’ll feel hungry to learn more, ask questions, seek answers, and completely soak up the new place.

Lesson #4: Broaden Your Perspective

Travel will help you come out of your shell, where all you know is your family, your relationships, your job, your struggles and your life. It will open new doors for you and you will be able to see the different aspects of life. You will be able to understand and be alert about what is important and what can be side-lined. Travel can help you think beyond the traditional mindset that there is more to life than you actually think.

Lesson #5: Appreciate What You Have

When you travel, you’ll meet all sorts of people from different backgrounds and all walks of life. You may come across the typical well-to-do, rich people, but you are also likely to meet people who much less fortunate than yourself. Our journey comes full circle when we come back home from our trip. We realize that our problems weren’t as bad as we thought. You can consider your journey a successful one if you return with a better understanding of how to actually live life each day rather than just watching it pass us by. Travel will have delivered the lesson that no other teacher is capable of delivering.

If you’re in the mood to experiment a little, then try your hand at virtual tours. They may not be as profound as in-person travel, but you never know what you may end up discovering. For this purpose, you can always use the Proxgy app, which promises users a fantastic immersive travel experience. Happy travels!