Deep diving into tools of Azure migration: Rapid migration process for virtual machines

Deep diving into tools of Azure migration: Rapid migration process for virtual machines

In the current technological era, the tools of Azure migration have speeded up the process of secure migration to the cloud. There are a number of Azure cloud migration tools and the prominent ones among them include Azure migration assistant and Azure data box. Automated Migration of virtual machines is swiftly executed by Azure migration service. Similarly,  automation of data transfer is carried out by Azure data migration assessment. When we need to ship the bulk of our data, Azure data box comes into action.

The aim of this article is to deep dive into the tool of Azure migration and discuss the rapid migration process for virtual machines.

Migration of virtual machines 

Azure migration service plays a great role in assessment of workloads for various organisations. It also helps these organisations in predicting the cost of hosting in public, private and hybrid clouds. In addition to this, it provides a unique platform for companies to keep track of the concurrent migrations. That said, Azure cloud migration service also helps in the testing in an isolated platform.

Some of the workloads which can be migrated with the help of Azure migrate services are briefed below:

Data Lake- Using the Azure data box, data lakes can be migrated efficiently and effectively within a short span of time. Softwares embedded in desktops can be migrated to a virtual platform with utmost ease.

Applications – Various types of web applications can be migrated to Azure app service securely. 

Warehouses- Azure migration service aids in migration of databases from traditional ones to Azure SQL DB.

Servers -Azure migration service helps in assessment and rapid migration of on-board servers into virtual servers.

Revisiting the toolkit

The tools of Azure migration Services are preferred below:

Data box- Data box makes uses of hardware appliances which help in migration of data to a dedicated data centre. One of the most prominent features of Azure data box is that it enables you to send data in terabytes in a fast and efficient manner. It needs to be noted at this point of time that the maximum capacity for azure data box storage device can go up to 80 TB. 

Following is a brief gist of functions that can be performed with the help of this data box. Transfer of data which is more than 50 TB even when our network connection is weak can be done. Abrupt transfer of a large amount of data to Azure is possible using this data box. In the entertainment section, we can transfer the offline media to Azure for the creation of a library which is customised according to the user preferences. In the academic and analytical section, we can transfer historical data and facts to Azure in a short span of time. The option of incremental transfers over a period of time is also a feature of the Azure data box. Periodic upload of large amounts of data on a regular basis is also possible with the help of the data box.

Data migration  assistant- Services related to migration of data from a database are performed by data migration assistant with the aid of sequential assessment reports. There are four major database components where data assistant aids in migration. First among them is schema which is followed by the components of users and data. Third is server roles and the final component is SQL server and windows logins. Using the data migration assistant, we are able to perform a successful migration in which applications can directly connect to the server databases. In addition to this, migration assistant can also help in countering the following issues. The first among these issues is behaviour and breaking changes. It can also help in fixing non performance issues. The security assistant can also provide great assistance in security and storage issues.

Movera- Movera comes under the umbrella of software as a service platform and it provides a bird’s eye view of the entire azure ecosystem. In the application domain, it also comes under the ambit of cloud economics program.

App assistant– With this tool, different websites can be securely migrated to Azure app service.

Concluding remarks 

There is no dearth of tools and solutions which help in hassle free migration especially for virtual machines. However, during this process of migration, the core aspects of security infrastructure and solutions need to be given prime attention.