Do’s And Don’ts While Planning Your Kids’ First Birthday Party

Do’s And Don’ts While Planning Your Kids’ First Birthday Party

That your child is turning one is a reason enough that calls for a celebration. With the successful completion of one year of your parenthood and the fact that it has finally been a year since your child has stepped into this world, and this definitely needs a grand celebration. Like many parents, we are sure that you too are willing to throw a grand party to your loved ones on this special day and you wish to do anything and everything to make this celebration a hit. But with the idea of throwing a grand party comes the many preparations that one ought to make for a successful event. Planning a birthday party requires a lot of effort both physically and mentally and to take that burden off your shoulders, here are some dos and don’ts that you must keep in mind before you set out to make the preparations. These will not only make your work simpler but also faster. So, leave everything else and read on to start the right way.


Select A Theme: Selecting a theme is one of the first and most important steps when planning your child’s birthday party. Not only will a theme help you amp up your celebrations but it will also give you clarity in many other things like the decorations, the cake, and other essential things. Also, make sure that the theme is loved by kids as well as adults for both will surely be a part of this celebration.

Make A Guest List: It is important to decide on how many guests are you planning to invite so that you can decide on various other things about the party like the quantity of the food as well as the seating arrangements. Making a guest list also helps you not miss out on the important guests who you wish to invite for this celebration.

Keep It Guest-Neutral: It is important that you keep the party guest-neutral for on your child’s first birthday celebration it is not only the kids but also their parents and your close friends and family members will also come and as the host, it is your responsibility that both the age groups enjoy equally.

Arrange For Fun Party Games: Not only children but also adults enjoy playing some fun party games and make sure that you plan them beforehand. Not only will the games keep kids happy and entertained but also allow all to have a happy time together watching and playing.


Don’t Forget To Make A List Of Things To Do: First and foremost thing that you must begin with before planning a party is to prepare a list of the things to do. From booking the venue to deciding on the menu, jot them down on a diary and keep it close to you to ensure that you do not miss out on something important.

Don’t Forget To Design A Special Cake: Remember that from children to adults, everybody has their eyes on the cake that will be kept on the center table and therefore it ought to be special. Make sure that you not only customise a beautiful cake but also a delicious one with amazing flavours. Also, add spark to the celebrations by decorating the center table with personalized photo lamps and nightlights with amazing photos of you and your kid together.

Don’t Forget To Book A Photographer: What’s a 1st birthday celebration if you do not have some amazing memories of this day? Make sure that you arrange for a photographer beforehand so that he can capture some amazing pictures of these precious moments.

Hope this list of dos and don’ts helps you plan your child’s 1st birthday in a hassle-free way.

Happy Planning!

Hannah Montana