How an MBBS Degree from Georgia is Globally Recognised

How an MBBS Degree from Georgia is Globally Recognised

India has a large number of brilliant students looking to go into the medical field each year. However, owing to the limited availability of seats in the country, many find it difficult to pursue. With global connectivity having reached where it is, students are no longer restricted to pursuing a degree in their home countries. They can choose to pursue from an array of international universities in countries across the globe. When it comes to MBBS, one such country is Georgia.

MBBS Georgia

Georgia is a nation located in the Caucasus region of Europe, right at the crossroads of Eastern Asia and Western Europe. Georgia has quite a few MCI approved and WHO recognised medical colleges and these colleges work hard for their international accreditation. In fact, this is one of the main reasons many students in Europe and the world choose Georgia for their medicine degrees over countries such as Ukraine or even Russia.

Benefits of Studying Medicine in Georgia

Lower Cost than Other Countries, Even India

The course fees in institutions in Georgia are much lower than in private medical colleges in India. Moreover, private medical colleges in India lack the resources and experience that a Georgian college can provide. The hefty donation sums paid to private Indian medical colleges seem excess and unnecessary when you compare it with the better option that is Georgia.

Compared to other European countries, Georgia has a cost of living as low as $250 a month, roughly ₹16,000, which is less than many Indian metro cities. There is also no donation system in colleges in Georgia which means eligible students can study in Georgia without having to shell out a fortune.

Easy Admission

It is relatively easy to get admission to a university in Georgia. One need not go through the whole process of qualifying for complex exams like it is in India. To study in Georgia, one just needs a 50% in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics in their boards, along with substantial interest in the subject of medicine. The colleges pay more weightage on a student’s interest than any other eligibility criteria and anyone with a reasonable and logical mindset can easily get admission for MBBS in Georgia.

Quality Education

Most universities in Georgia are recognised by WHO and follow the guidelines. As a result, their alumni are highly regarded across the globe. Compared to private Indian colleges, they have better infrastructure and prefer practical skills over theoretical knowledge. The programmes focus on the overall development of a student as a medical professional and help one become a skillful doctor.

Safety and Living Conditions

Despite the low cost of living, Georgia is a beautiful country to live in. It is safe with a strong feminist outlook which makes travelling by public transport at any time of the day safe. The people are open-minded and accept diversity with open arms. The country has warm summers and cold winters. Like most Eastern European countries, the weather is on the colder side; however, it is not uncomfortable.

MCI Approved Universities in Georgia

Over the years, there has been some confusion regarding the quality of medical education in European countries with some students being unable to clear the exam set by the Medical Council of India for foreign degree holders. Georgia has plenty of MCI approved universities that ensure such incidents should not happen. There are 22 such universities. Choosing to study from any of them ensures students get the quality of education they need. Thus, an MBBS degree from Georgia is globally recognised and maybe your best bet.

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