How To Design Great-Looking, Unique & Eco-Friendly Food Packaging? 6 Easy Tips

How To Design Great-Looking, Unique & Eco-Friendly Food Packaging? 6 Easy Tips

Want to design custom food packaging that is eco-friendly and looks impressive? Discover with us some expert tips which will assist you to ace your packaging. Food is the need of every living human on this planet. The competition in the food market is fiercer than any other industry, and therefore, it is difficult for the brands to make their name stand out. They search and adopt different strategies in this regard. However, attractively designing the custom food packaging is a sure way to gain a greater market share. This packaging is made from eco-friendly and flexible materials due to which is relatively easier to customize. If you are targeting to gain ultimate success with the custom food packages, you might want to look at the tips mentioned below.

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Focus On Material Choice:

One of the first things that can ensure the eco-friendliness and elegance of the food boxes is the selection of the appropriate materials. The use of recyclable & decomposable materials such as cardboard stock or corrugated stock in the manufacturing of food packages is beneficial. This is because they help you both ways. Not only do they prove good for the environment, but they are known for their support for different kinds of printing.

The cardboard food packages are easy to degrade as a result of which they do not build up the waste levels in the landfills. Many people have the concept that recyclable materials are not printable; however, it is only an assumption. These materials tend to be more print-friendly. They might look rough in appearance, but in actuality, they have smooth surfaces that are perfect for printing any design of your choice. Anything printed on the cardboard food packages appears aesthetically more pleasing.

Prefer Sustainable Inks For Printing:

In the visual appearance of the food packaging, inks play a very significant role. Therefore, it is the dire need of the hour to use inks that are high-quality as well as sustainable to make eco-friendly and unique packaging. Talking about the traditional inks, they are mostly petroleum-based. No doubt, they are efficient for producing great printing results, but there is a problem that they are made from harmful chemicals. Due to this, they emit volatile organic compounds, which are not good for the environment at all. To mitigate this effect, it would be wise to use sustainable inks for printing. The soy-based inks for printing your box with various designs and illustrations can be a good choice in this respect. At first, they are eco-friendly, and secondly, they can stay on the box surface for longer periods which is great.

Go Minimal:

Too much visual noise on the food packaging is not a good thing from a presentation point of view. Bombarding it with irrelevant and unnecessary work can make your design look highly inelegant and cluttered. From the customers’ perspective, the box designed with complex hues and graphics is not good at all. The trend has changed, and now only out-of-the-box design can hook the attention of the customers. Keeping this scenario in mind, adopting a minimalistic approach can prove useful. The calm and clear patterns with fewer images make your box look unique, and the customers are attracted to it instantly the moment they see it. So, avoid printing too many details or text and instead use the strategic symbols and signs that look pleasing. Restricting the design of your food packages to a few basic only is impactful these days.

Use Retro Themes:

The trends for designing elegant-looking food packages keep on changing. But the thing that remained constant throughout the years is the vintage themes. This is because they are meant for reminding the people of their beautiful past, which they value more than anything. Regarding the food products, there are different memories associated with all the people around the world. So, it is a great idea to remind them of the time when they shared their food with their loved ones by using the vintage themes in your packaging design. Most of the brands think that using retro themes in the design of their food boxes is a cliché; however, the reality is different. Anything that arises from the beautiful emotions and memories of the past in the customers can never be a cliché. So, use these themes to generate word of mouth about you in the target market.

Add Catchy Illustrations:

Nothing can make your food packages look impressive and eye-catchy than the illustrations. Incorporate high-resolution pictures of your delectable food items to increase the appetite of the target audience. The illustrations such as images can speak to a larger target audience, and you can avoid the need to print lengthy texts. They can speak for a thousand words and convey all you want to communicate to the people. It would be a good strategy to add the images of some famous public celebrities who are your brand ambassadors. The high-quality images are a sure way to make the customers feel that they should try your food item at least one time.

Maintain Readability:

If you want to make your food packages look unique and easy in the eyes of the target audience, make sure to maintain the readability of the printed word. It can be done by keeping a few things in your mind while designing them. The number one thing that must be considered in this regard is the font size which must be target-oriented. Select a font of appropriate size that does not make it tiresome for the viewers to read the technical details. The second thing which needs your attention in this respect is the font style. While printing the information about your food items on the box, make sure to select a font style that neither looks congested nor looks too bold. This will resultantly make your food packages look highly graceful.

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The aforementioned tips will help you design custom food packaging that is aesthetically more pleasing as well as eco-friendly. The appropriate selection of the materials and choosing the sustainable inks can prove favorable for this purpose. To further enhance their visual appeal, you can make use of high-resolution illustrations and vintage themes.