Samsung drops Galaxy Z Flip 5G price by $250 – Still expensive or not?

Samsung drops Galaxy Z Flip 5G price by $250 – Still expensive or not?

Samsung has dropped the price of its folding flip phone, the Galaxy Z Flip 5G. Its prices have been trickled by $250. Now, it has been priced for $1,199.99 which looks like a good big drop. At its launch in July 2020, its original price was set to $1,449.99 initially. 

What tends Samsung to change the price of Galaxy Z Flip 5G? 

There are two things about the price change. The initial one is that this phone is about six months old with the same design as the non-5G version released last February. No doubt, Samsung phones are famous for seeing early and aggressive deals, including the trend of its folding phones as well. It is a good decision to get the same model with a price drop but it is not exactly rare. The second reason is definitely $1,200 is still very expensive for a phone with the same specs and functionality as a Galaxy S20 FE 5G, costing $700 (or less at some discounts).

Expectations to Samsung drops Galaxy Z Flip 5G 

Samsung’s president of mobile, TM Roh made a promise to make folding phones “more accessible to everyone” in 2021. According to Samsung’s latest earnings announcement, the company assured to expand its portfolio of foldable products. Specifically, it plans an “expansion of the foldable category including the Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip.”

A new version of the Z Fold was expected (which opens up to the size of a small tablet). It was expected to be released sometime this year with support for styluses. It is unclear what this price drop exactly describes for the timing of the next one for the Z Flip.

The information of the worth drop comes after Samsung’s head of cell, TM Roh, pledged to make imploding telephones “more open to everyone” in 2021. It additionally comes after Samsung’s freshest benefit presentation wherein it referred to it will enlarge its plan of foldable item — particularly refering to that it plans an “augmentation of the foldable class including the Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip.” 

We had been as of now expecting an unblemished model of the Z Fold (which opens however much the size of a little pill) eventually this a year with assistance for pointers, yet it’s dim when Samsung could dispatch that. Concerning the Z Flip, it’s cloudy what this worth drop means for the situation of the going with one. 

Regardless, the greatest inquiry round imploding telephones isn’t about when new ones will come; it’s about how a ton they may regard. While it’s doubtlessly evident that $1,200 is $250 lower than $1,450, there’s at this point a really huge worth premium for allies who need their telephones to cover down into more unassuming groups. 

The Z Flip is certainly the most awesome flip-style falling cellphone open accessible, yet it’s a little market. The only phenomenal down to earth competitor is the Motorola Razr 5G, which, as of this sythesis, has moreover been restricted to $1,200 from its dependable $1,400 asking cost. 

The Z Flip is unquestionably the absolute best flip-style collapsing cellphone accessible available, however it’s a little market. The exclusively unique reasonable contender is the Motorola Razr 5G, which, as of this composition, has also been limited to $1,200 from its real $1,400 asking cost.

Conclusion for Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G –

Samsung Z Flip is easily the best flip-style folding phone on the market. The only competitor for this model is the Motorola Razr 5G which has also been discounted to $1,200 from its original $1,400 asking price. Obviously, folding phones are still luxury products and cost nearly 50 per cent more than comparable non-folding devices. Now, Z Flip 5G become “more accessible,” but for common people unless that price difference will lessen down, folding phones will continue to be curiosities instead of buying them directly.