How Stock Markets Impact Every Multinational Company Growth?

How Stock Markets Impact Every Multinational Company Growth?

Oftentimes the terms stock market and economy are used interchangeably. The main reason for this is that the overall health of the stock market indicates how well the economy is doing. However, these two are not similar. But any changes in the stock market would reflect a country’s economic condition. Also, keep in mind that the stock market can affect both individual businesses and multinational companies. 

Stock Market & The Economy 

The stock market is not the economy itself but is a part of it. You can think of it as a financial institution where different companies sell portions of their businesses to the public. Many multinational companies are traded publicly in the stock market. 

The economy of the United States is composed of resources and goods in the country. So, the manner in which the citizens, government, and businesses consume and produce goods make up the economy.

The difference between the stock market and economy is that while the performance of the former depends on the feelings of the investors, the latter is based on concrete data such as consumer spending, employment rate, and GDP. 

How the Two Work Together

As the stock market tracks the performance of all publicly-traded businesses, it can be used to determine how well the economy is. If the stock market is improving (showing a bullish trend) then it means that businesses are performing well. This would also help increase the GDP. 

Speaking of GDP or Gross Domestic Product, you might be thinking if stock markets affect it as well? The answer is yes! You see the stock market affects consumer spending which affects the GDP. You must understand that a stock market’s bullish or bearish trend depends on the optimism or fear of the investor. Therefore, it could be a volatile place to be in.  

Stock Market & The Business

Not every business is traded publicly in the stock market. When a business owner decides to sell parts of his/her company on the stock market, then he/she would issue shares to the investors and would receive the money from the issuance of those shares directly. Remember that it is up to the business owner to decide how many shares he/she wants to offer to the public. The purchase of any company’s shares would greatly affect it. 

Investing Helps Companies 

If more investors show interest in purchasing a company’s share then this would increase its stock price. So, why exactly is a high price stock good for a business? Well, for starters, the stock price of a company determines its value. 

You should know that the price of a stock depends on the factor of supply and demand. So, if for instance, the demand for a company’s stock is high then its price would also be high. Also, the higher the demand is for a business’s stock, the more worth it will have. Knowing how valuable a company is, it can enable the business owners to make better decisions not only for the venture but for the employees as well. 

For example, a business based on its worth can offer company stocks to the employees as a payout. As long as a company’s share is performing exceptionally well on the stock market, it could be a great incentive for the employees. Also, this perk could allow companies to make it a part of their talent acquisition strategies to attract high-performing individuals. This may also give businesses an edge over their competitors. 

The value of a company’s stock also changes when it merges or acquires other businesses. Moreover, one of the biggest perks for a company to get because of its high-value stock is that it could easily get funding from both investors and banks to grow even more. An investor’s investment in a company’s stock would truly impact its growth positively. 


The stock market can easily impact any company’s success. When someone invests in the stock market, then it means that the individual is contributing to a business’ prosperity and also for the well-being of the economy. You must keep in mind that a stock market would show a bullish trend if more purchases are made. At the same time, you should be aware of the bearish trend which indicates fear in the market. Therefore, it is advised to be careful when investing! 

Hannah Montana