The Benefits and Beauty of Oral Surgery

The Benefits and Beauty of Oral Surgery

If you have ever had a dental accident, have known someone with a cleft palate, or have seen extensive facial malalignment, you know how debilitating these conditions could be. The negative effects of these conditions can range from the trivial, such as reduction of your million-dollar grin, to the severe, such as extreme disfigurement. Cosmetic surgery focuses on the diagnosis and surgical treatment of dental diseases, injuries and defects, associated with the aesthetic and functional aspects of the face, mouth, jaws and teeth.

Oral surgery has several positive aspects, and if done correctly, can positively influence the self-esteem of patients. In this guide, we’ll discuss some of the advantages and attractiveness of oral surgery.

Replacement of one tooth to the long-term: if you’re missing a tooth and choose to replace it with an implant, then you’ve chosen an extremely successful, long-term therapy. If you pick a conventional approach to replace a lost tooth, including a bridge or a Dentist In Goose Creek, you may restore the crown of your tooth, but not your origin, which lies beneath the gum line. This means you will most likely have to replace the device and will also need to experience future repair. Cosmetic surgery and a dental implant mean that you replace the whole tooth using a long-lasting and secure solution.

Restore shortages and prevent permanent damage: Frequently, your mandibular and maxillary jaw problems are progressive, which means unless treated, they get worse. With innovative techniques in bone grafting like L-PRF we could take care of these flaws in the bone before they get worse and enhance those that have already begun to cause problems for you. We can replace the lost tissue with various kinds of bone grafting and soft tissue grafts. This can help restore your natural smile and beauty again as well as avoid harm. By way of instance, if you have misaligned jaws, we urge jaw alignment orthognathic surgery together with your orthodontist. We work closely with your dentist and orthodontist to make a smile that’s esthetic and functional.

Assist in restoring a favorable self-image and self-esteem: Oral surgery when done correctly, can help you recover your lost look, grin and beauty, thereby leading to a rise in self-esteem and a favorable self-image. Avoid tooth reduction: If oral surgery, such as Dentists in Summerville SC are finished in time, it helps prevent tooth loss and restore your teeth, particularly if the latter have been lost to injury or disease.

Restore your smile: This might appear trivial, but in fact, it isn’t! In case you have conditions that affect your smile, like missing teeth, a cleft palate, jaw misalignment, or a visible tumor in your lip or gum, it may lead to anxiety for you. Cosmetic surgery helps in treating each these conditions and make your distinctive smile.