Top 4 Flower Arrangements To Decorate Your Place On Your Special Occasions

Top 4 Flower Arrangements To Decorate Your Place On Your Special Occasions

Special occasions mean not just you, but even your house should be decked up- after all, we all live a very short life, so why not take every opportunity you get to celebrate the special moments and the special days. Whether it is yours or your loved one’s birthday, wedding, anniversary, etc. or a festive day like Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Ganesh Chaturthi, Eid, Pongal, etc.- you should put in effort to give your house a beautiful makeover, and of course, use a lot of fresh flowers to not just make the place look stunning but also to add an amazing fragrance to it. 

There’s not just one but a lot of places in your house where you can put flower arrangements on special days- for example, on the bed side table in your bedroom, a cool corner of your living room, the centre of your dining table, near the entrance of your house, and so on. Infact, if you want, you can put beautiful fresh flower arrangements in pretty much any and every room in your house.

Here are some of the most gorgeous floral arrangements that you can use to decorate your house on special days:

  • White Orchids 

There’s nothing more elegant than this orchid flower bouquet. Whether you have colourful interiors or a very sober and minimalistic black & white interior, this gorgeous flower arrangement is perfect for all. It consists of ten white Orchids of the best quality and no matter when you order it, you will always receive absolutely fresh flowers. 

  • Multi colored Rose arrangement

Roses are the most popular flower and why wouldn’t they be? After all, they are absolutely drop dead gorgeous and also have a very nice fragrance. Don’t you just love Roses too? We are very sure you do. While it is a common practice to decorate houses with roses of only one colour, mostly red or pink, you can choose this stunning fresh flower arrangement that consists of not five or ten, but twenty fresh multi coloured roses. This arrangement will instantly add beauty and brightness to any place. In fact, even if you have a very light colour interior in any room, this one flower arrangement can make the whole room look colourful and lively, and this will also end up having a positive impact on the minds of the people who spend time in that room. Try it out for yourself! 

  • Perfumed Peace Memory

Lilies look lovely, don’t they? They can make any place look and feel peaceful and beautiful. The best part about this flower arrangement is that, you don’t even have to worry about arranging for the most perfect vase to keep the flowers because this beautiful arrangement consists of not just the 12 Sticks White Oriental Lilies and seasonal fillers but also a gorgeous crystal clear vase to keep the flowers in. You can keep this anywhere in the house- on the dining table, in your bedroom, or any other place you wish to add some beauty to. 

  • Lavender Orchids

Lavender is one of the most beautiful and soothing colours ever- it’s almost as if they are magical and they belong to fairytales. This wonderful floral arrangement consists of 20 gorgeous Lavender colour Orchids that can be used to add colour, beauty and good vibes to any place in the house. Keep the flowers immersed in freshwater and keep them away from direct sunlight, direct wind from the fan or AC, direct heat from the heater and also away from fruits in order to keep them fresh for a longer period of time. 

The way you don’t always need to wait around for special occasions to come to give flowers to your loved ones, similarly, you also don’t always need to wait for special days to come to decorate your own house with fresh flowers. Do it anyday, do it today. 
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