When You No Longer Need a Google Analytics Account

When You No Longer Need a Google Analytics Account

Globally, Google Analytics is taken to be a resourceful application for online business activities. From obtaining a deeper understanding of your customers, website visitors, overall business growth, sales to deeper market insights, Google Analytics is indeed an omnichannel digital apparatus.

Precisely, it simplifies the aggressive and complex data you may not have easily understood. This means that anyone can get a clear picture of a website’s performance without a data expert. Currently, there are numerous Google Analytics tools used by bloggers, website development companies, SEO agencies, eCommerce owners, and marketers.  

Such tools are merely installed to begin collecting data from a website. However, there are times when you find a certain Google Analytics account no longer essential. Other times, a clogged dashboard may make it difficult for you to access crucial information. With that, you may have to delete a Google Analytics account.  

Deleting a Google Analytics Account

When you have to get rid of an inactive Google Analytics account, please follow the simple steps below;

  • Begin by eliminating (remove) the tracking code of Google Analytics from every website page or app. Then log into your Google Analytics account.
  • Having done that, find the Analytics Dashboard and click on the Admin tab. Right there, the account, view and property sections will appear. Go to the account window and then select the account you need to delete.
  • Then move to the account settings situated in the account window and ‘select Move to Trash Can.’
  • Without a doubt, you will receive a notification via your email that your account will be deleted, and so do other users with Manage Users permission.  

When You Need the Google Analytics Account but without Certain Properties. 

Note: It takes at least 35 days for your property and all its reporting views to permanently get deleted once moved to trash.

To delete any property, you must have edit permission!

  • Once signed in to Google Analytics, click on Admin and then find the property you want to delete.
  • You will find the Property column, then click on property settings and then Move to Trash Can.
  • You must confirm the action by clicking ‘Move Property to Trash Can’.
  • There, you have eliminated any unwanted Google Analytics account or property. If you desire to see the changes, you must head to the History dialog.

What About Restoring It? 

We believe you must have changed your mind within 35 days of deleting your Google Analytics account for you to restore it.  

Go to the Trash Can and then find the account. Click on it and then restore it.

Final Take 

Google Analytics is a globally used web analytics application, widely opted for tracking website traffic, sales, comprehensive reporting, analyzing website user interaction and other metrics. It works by accessing and assessing data and then presenting you with useful information.

The above provided simple steps can help you delete an account or property you wish for those that run multiple projects. Also, to restore it if you find it necessary in the future. We hope you found this piece useful.