Why is Maybelline products preferred over other brands?

Why is Maybelline products preferred over other brands?

Feminine have a soft corner for Maybelline Pakistan. It is obvious that every woman has one thing in common and that is their immense love for makeup. Makeup is intended to be applied to beautify and to promote attraction or maybe to alter the appearance.

Maybelline makeup has taken beauty industry to a whole new level. Every product lives up to its values. Maybelline brings the sensibility of fashion and the vibes of New York City to the world. This brand has propelled to become the number one global makeup brand in over 120 countries and still counting.

Maybelline has brought Mascara to the commercial industry and it is one of the most affordable brands. Women have been a huge fan ever since they started using Maybelline cosmetics and no doubt, this brand never fails to amaze them.

Maybelline has been introducing more and more alluring makeup products every season and all their products are amazing! If you are on budget and looking for extremely good quality makeup with cheap prices then Maybelline is your Go-to brand. Here is a run-down of Maybelline products which absolutely steal the show!

Lash Sensational Mascara in very black

This mascara is really over the top. It is one of the best Mascara available in drug stores. This Mascara comes in three shades ‘Blackest Black’, ‘Very Black’, ‘Brown black’.

It has a curved-fanlike head brush which makes it super easy to cover all the lashes and spreads them out evenly. It gives a spicy and confident look to eyes. One coat is enough to for a good volume. This Mascara is smudge-proof so, if you happen to rub your eyes, you won’t regret it.


‘Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser’ primer is a game changer by Maybelline Pakistan. It leaves your skin smooth and soft which gives flawless look after applying foundation. It works just like an expensive product.

It gives a glowing look to the face just exactly how a woman wants it to be. It is a bestselling product and an inexpensive product.

Falsies Instant Lash Lift Mascara

This Mascara is fashioned to give the lashes an instant lift up look. It gives volume to lashes, length and thickness as well because it is saturated by fiber formula. It gives a bold look to eyes and the lashes look super attractive and long.

This Mascara is flakes-free and dries up quickly after applying. The quality of the brush is extremely good which makes it super easy to apply.

Hyper Precise all day Liner Black

Well, the title says it all. This Maybelline liner has a perfectly pointed brush which makes perfect cat eyes. The waterproof formula dries up quickly after applying on the skin.

It is super black and long lasting. This liner is smudge proof and it works perfectly with oily lids as well. If you have trouble with liner which doesn’t last long then, this liner is your companion!

Multi-use Concealer

Who says perfect concealer doesn’t exist? Maybelline instant Anti-age Eye Concealer is the perfect concealer that exists in the beauty industry. It is one of the most loved Maybelline cosmetics by the feminine.

It has been designed to prefect the imperfections. It helps hiding wrinkles and dark circles way too well which is quite amazing! It works well on the face. The anti-microbial tip makes it effortless to apply. So, what more a woman can desire?


Color Tattoo Eye-shadow is a game-changer. This creamy eye-shadow gives a fancy yet soft look to the eyes at the same time.

It leaves a long-lasting color that doesn’t fade away or crease. This eyeshade is saturated with super pigmentation formula AND it is water proof too! This product literally knocks-out your worries.

Matte Ink Lipstick

‘Maybelline Super Stay 24-hours Matte Ink Lipstick’ is really worth the hype. Believe me this iconic product needs to be applied just for once in a whole day and boom! It isn’t going nowhere my friend! After doing research, the conclusion is, this silky matte lipstick stays on the lips without drying and cracking. It is super easy to apply and it lasts longer than expectations. So, why not go for it then?


The ‘Dream Urban Cover Foundation SPF-50’ is not just a makeup foundation but it works as a skin care product too, which is why it’s the best. It is a light-weight foundation which gives a perfect coverage to face.

It is formulated with SPF-50 which protects skin from getting damaged and polluted. It keeps the skin complexion look flawless throughout the day. It also keeps the skin moisturized and healthy.

Maybelline Pakistan has a wide range of cosmetic products to offer with extremely good quality and affordable prices. This brand has gain immense love and massive popularity in the world by bringing more and more great products every season and yet they never fail to surprise women. Maybelline Ace the worth! 

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