Word Games for You to Try to Improve Your Vocabulary

Word Games for You to Try to Improve Your Vocabulary

Games are an effective way to learn things in a fun way. If your vocabulary is weak and you’re having a hard time learning, why not try some amazing games that are entertaining and help you improve?

Here are some games for you to play in order to improve your vocabulary:


This game can be played alone or with friends. To play this game, shake the boggle board and put the mixed letters on view. Then, set the timer and write down English words that you can create from the letters on that board. As entertaining as it sounds, the game has proved to be very fruitful for many people to learn new words.


Fishbowl is a perfect game for you to practice your reading, writing and speaking skills. You need a group of friends to play this game. First, have everyone write down three or more simple words in a card and put that in a bowl. Then, the players are supposed to pull a card and describe the words to their teammates who should guess the words. You can either use charades or one word in order to help your teammates guess the words.

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You can play Fluentu on your phone or computer. This game provides completely unique ways to help you improve your vocabulary. You can watch videos, movie trailers, inspiring talks and news. When you’re done watching the videos, you can play word games like fill in the blanks and hangman. You’ll also get flashcards with pictures which is an exciting way to understand the vocabulary. You’ll also get points for the questions you answer right and earn coins.


Roleplay helps you improve your general communication skills.

To play this game, you have to act out a character. For example a salesman, an interviewer, a boss, etc. Then, choose a scenario. For example an interview. Then, pretend to be the chosen person and talk, act accordingly. You can play this game alone or with friends.


Hangman requires at least two players. To play this game, one player has to come up with words and the other player has to guess it. For every wrong guess, you lose a point and you lose if you guess wrong seven times. You can play this on a paper or a board. And if you don’t like playing with people, you can find plenty of versions of this game online.

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