Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

Here are some of the best tips and tricks for climbing Mount Kilimanjaro:

How do I Pick an operator?

There are hundreds of firms who service the mountain; picking an operator can be a hard task. You want to be sure that your operator staff experienced, best guides, who practice high safety standards. Do not pick strictly based on price. Avoid cheap holiday packages in Tanzania. But do not assume a high budget operator is best either.

When should I Climb?

The excellent time to climb Kilimanjaro tend to be the driest and warmest months – January, February and September, so do your Tanzania train trc booking or online bus booking Tanzania. The primary problem is safety, as the risks linked with climbing increase significantly when the weather is bad. The effects of mud, rain, ice, snow and cold can be extremely dangerous on the body. Correspondingly, your chance of a successful summit also raises significantly with perfect weather.

What route should I take?

The climbing Mount Kilimanjaro routes each have different features which may or may not attract to you. Consider the difficulty, traffic and scenery when you pick your route.  Shira and Lemosho are highly advised, followed by Rongai an d Machame. Umbwe and Marangu are not advised. The longer routes are not just considered the more scenic routes, but provide you an excellent chance of summit due to altitude acclimatization.

How many days should I take?

7 or more days is advised. Do not book the minimum number of days. Possibilities are, you will not enjoy your climb nor will you reach the summit. Statistics show that each extra day you spend acclimatizing increases your chance of success substantially.

Should I climb Kilimanjaro by joining a group?

No, private, little-party climb is the top way to climb Kilimanjaro. Most climb operators run group departures for up to twelve people. Once they include the support staff, a little group of twelve climbers becomes almost fifty people total. That is hardly the way to enjoy the climbing mountain.

What should I bring? This is hard for many climbers because there are lots of aspiring to tackle Mount Kilimanjaro who have pretty to no backpacking experience. Just follow the gear list provided and resist the temptation to bring more. You would not need it and it is just additional weight that you and your porters must carry. There are stories where climbers luggage was lost by their airlines. So they rent just the essential gear for their climb,  realized that what they had actually brought from home was extremely expensive.

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