Essential Things you must have to Run a Bakery Shop

Essential Things you must have to Run a Bakery Shop

Whether it’s a celebration like a birthday or wedding or be it just a craving to eat some delicious dessert, the first thing that comes to the mind is a bakery that has a long list of delectable goodies. If you are the one who wants to venture into the Bakery Shop, then along with capital, place, and flair there are some other important things that you must not forget to consider.

The list of tools and equipment for running a bakery successfully is a long one. Here are some of the things that you will need if you want to be successful in your baking venture.


Now we just cannot imagine a bakery without an oven. Ideally, one must opt for an airtight oven. Also, make sure that you choose an oven that has even heating. You also need to decide whether you need a gas oven or an electric oven. A good quality oven, which has even heating, will be expensive but it is worth the money spend.


A heavy-duty commercial mixer is a must for every bakery. For small bakeries, cake mixers will be sufficient. But in case of a larger setup floor, you might require floor mixer. If the bakery focuses more on bread then a dough mixer is a must.


It does not matter how big or small your set up is you will need refrigerators. There are different options like reach-in refrigerators, which can keep almost everything cold. If you need more space, then you can choose worktop refrigerators. If your bakery is more into making cookies and cheesecakes, then you will need a blast chiller.


Bakery shops also need a very huge quantity of good quality bakeware. You will need glass pans as well as aluminum pans. Baking sheets, cake pans, muffin tins, pie pans, aluminium foil sheets, paper plates in bulk, etc of different shapes and sizes will be required in the bakery. You also cannot do without cooking racks of different sizes.

Proof boxes:

If the focus of your bakery is on bread and yeast-risen bakery products in bulk, then you will need proof boxes. A proof box helps in controlling the temperature as well as humidity. It must be noted that even proof boxes come in different sizes.


In order to bake all the delicacies, you need proper space. Therefore, make sure that you have a proper work table, which is of proper height so that you can work there comfortably.


You must have a 3 department sink where you can wash, clean and sanitize the dishes and appliances. You will also need a mop sink for cleaning the floor. There has to be a separate sink for washing hands before baking or at the time of baking or after baking.

Bread slicer:

If the focus of your bakery is primarily on bread then you will need a bread slicer as this will help you cut the bread into even pieces.

Other kitchen utensils:

It is not enough to have bakeware. You are going to need a number of other things. You will need a large number of spatulas and spoons and mixing bowls. You will need knives of different sizes, flour sifters, measuring jars, cups, and many other things without which you cannot run a bakery.

Display case:

If you want your bakery shop to do brisk business, then you have to show off all the goodies that you have baked. For this, you will need a good display case where you can showcase all the baked goods in your shop. This will make it easier for the customers to buy all that they want.

Food processer:

There are going to be a large number of nuts, chocolates, and fruits that will have to be chopped in the bakery. Instead of doing this manually, it is better to have a food processor that will do all the chopping work for you.

Multi-level shelving racks:

You need space to cool all your baked products. You cannot leave it on your work table isn’t it? Therefore, it is always better to have multilevel shelving racks where you can keep all the cookies and other goods to cool.

Miscellaneous things, equipment and gear:

You will need packaging material for packing the baked goods. You will also need scale for weighing the different ingredients. Different types of cake decorating tools are also a must for every bakery. Oven mitts, ingredient bins etc are also a must in every bakery.

Aprons and hats:

Aprons, hats, hair nets are not just to keep dough, butter and any other stuff away from your clothes. They are also important for maintaining the reputation of your bakery. No customer will like to find hair in the confectionaries. So, every baker must make sure that he and his staff wears good quality and clean aprons, hats and hair nets.

All the essential ingredients:

The bakery needs to be stuffed with all the essential ingredients that will be required at the time of baking. Flour, sugar, butter, fruits, nuts, chocolates, milk, and everything that one needs to create the most scrumptious cakes and goodies.

Accounting software:

Along with equipment and ingredients, there is one more important thing that you need to run the bakery shop in a systematic manner. You need a good accounting software in order to keep a tab on your expenses and it will also help you understand how much profit you have made.

You may be an extraordinary pastry chef but you can be successful only if your bakery has all the essential things that are needed to run the bakery in a systematic manner. You have to have the best quality ingredients and you will need all the appliances, equipment, bakeware etc. in your bakery.

Besides all these things if you want your bakery shop to be the best in town then you have to make sure that the quality of food is outstanding and your bakery has to be extremely clean and tidy.