Magento PWA Studio Or Magento PWA Theme. Which Is Better?

Magento PWA Studio Or Magento PWA Theme. Which Is Better?

PWA is becoming more common among eCommerce business owners. Most of them see this technology’s potential to improve current customers’ experience and reach new visitors. The question here is which method is optimal to integrate PWA for Magento websites: Magento PWA Studio or Magento PWA theme?

Finding the optimal method can be difficult, and merchants can easily get confused with the information they read on the Internet. We will discuss both solutions now and see the pros and cons of them. Let’s begin!

Magento PWA: What Is It?

First, let’s get a general idea of what Magento Progressive Web Application is.

PWA combines the pros and cons of the native app and the website to bring an app-like experience to website users.

Magento Progressive Web App implies Magento websites that adopt PWA technology. A Magento PWA store will have a lightning-fast storefront (instead of a slow web frontend) linked up with the web backend via APIs (e.g.: GraphQL).

As this is a more budget-friendly option than developing both a native app and a website, it has attracted several stores and brands.

Magento PWA Studio

Magento PWA Studio (or Magento 2 PWA Studio) is an official tool to develop Progressive Web Apps for Magento websites.


By using this tool, merchants can have all the features of Progressive Web Application on their online store.

Magento PWA Studio also changed the structure of the current site to the one of PWA. It divides the website into two main parts: Storefront and backend (connected by APIs).

Besides, the unexpected coding conflicts between Magento core features and the PWA will not be a concern for firms applying this tool. Meanwhile, if merchants use the tools from other solution providers, there might be a great deal of friction between the newly-built app and Magento default functions.


Even though this tool comes from Magento, it still has some particular limitations.

To begin with, the Venia storefront (Magento PWA Studio demo) is not optimized for the desktop. Therefore, merchants can’t apply it directly to their PWA without customization.

The app built with the PWA Studio also faces the lack of crucial functions of an e-commerce website: compare, wishlist, product review, etc. These features are essential to bringing convenience in online shopping for visitors, causing dissatisfaction among some customers.

Store owners still need to hire developers or development companies to apply the Magento PWA Studio tool for their projects. As a result, it may take more time and probably a higher cost to get the final PWA website than in the second method that we’re going to discuss.

Magento PWA Theme


Magento Progressive Web App themes can fix almost all of the things that PWA Studio cannot do.

Firstly, PWA storefronts with various designs and styles are available. Merchants can select well-designed storefronts with all-screen-size optimization.

Secondly, most of the Progressive Web App themes for Magento are equipped with full Magento core functions. Premium PWA themes (e.g.: TigrenPWA) also provide a lot of built-in features: product labels, live chat, layered navigation, and so on. These features can help increase customer satisfaction when shopping online.

Thirdly, only a few hours or days are required to install a PWA Magento 2 theme into the existing website. It means that the lead time for acquiring the PWA using this PWA solution is immensely short. The faster the PWA development process, the earlier the store can be introduced to customers.


Coding conflict is unlikely to occur when using the ready-to-use Magento 2 Progressive Web App themes with the PWA Studio base. However, applying PWA templates built with unofficial tools would increase the likelihood of experiencing critical bugs on the site.

High-quality Progressive Web App templates often come along with the high cost. The price can be higher if additional requirements for customization are given.

Though the theme might have all the core functions of Magento, it could not be compatible with third-party extensions or custom functions in the original website. The overall cost increases if firms want to make those work together.

Comparison Between 2 PWA Development Methods

Each method has its strengths and weaknesses. Merchants should spend time carefully considering which option works best with their online store.

Nonetheless, the winner in this battle perhaps belongs to the Magento Progressive Web App theme. The PWA development time is obviously shorter. The final app provides more upgraded functions. Plus, no loss of features from the current Magento website occurs during the integration process.

PWA site templates might be expensive for some businesses, but they will pay off soon with increasing sales and orders from the online store.

The eCommerce industry has a bright future, and online shopping demand is always on the rise. Investing in improvements for the online shopping experience is what merchants must do to develop their business. So do not let the initial high price of PWA themes overwhelm you as it might bring along fantastic profit for the store.

Apart from it, merchants are recommended to classify Magento PWA website templates and select only the ones that are based on PWA Studio to ensure the quality of their Progressive Web App.

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