Property Management App for Home Owners

Property Management App for Home Owners

Property management mobile applications or software help homeowners and tenants work remotely and access data on their devices from different locations. These apps enable the landlords to manage their property efficiently by allowing them to list the property, get assistance on maintenance and repair, track rent payments, check expenses, document assistance, find qualified tenants and a lot more.

Property management platforms simplify the way homeowners manage their property. Below are some of the apps or software that allows you to manage your rental property effectively.

1. Buildium 

Manage residential rental properties with Buildium. A single tool that helps to manage operations and communication with tenants, owners, applicants, and vendors in one place. 

2. MyGate

An app that makes life easy for everyone in a community, from tenants, owners and property management members to security guards and facility managers. Fastened with features, it conquers many hassles— Giving permission for the entry of delivery executives, payment of maintenance bills, rising a issue to facility manager—all this can be done with a single click.

3. Propel 

Propel – Property Management App for Home Owners by Mulitliving below are the solutions offered by this app.

  • Home health check-up

Get the health condition of your property checked by experts to ensure it stays in its prime condition. Manage your property effectively with quality maintenance service with lesser cost to gain the higher payouts at the time of resale or renting  

  • Repair & maintenance simplified 

Setup your home utilities with utility experts at your fingertips. Get end to end repair and maintenance assistance with minimum visit charges and best deals.

  • Find the right Tenants

Attract quality tenants for your real estate properties and get higher returns on investment on your assets. 

  • Documentation Assistance

Get assistance on property-related legal documentation and on-demand property-related consults from anywhere in the world. 

  • Property Investment Advisory

Grow your asset faster with hyperlocal expertise to reach potential tenants and sellers. Get better insight into property sale or re-sell values and rental trends in your locality and stay updated on all property-related transactions in your area. 

  • Pest control

Get effective pest control service and safe solutions to safeguard your home from pest infestation.

  • Property Manager Support

Get a single point of contact for all your needs to experience peaceful property management.

4. Rent Manager

Rent Manager is a property management software that combines all the features to run your business into an integrated solution. Highly customizable and a good fit for properties of every size. This software is key to an effective and profitable property management business.


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