The Kind of Virtual Phone Numbers You Can Utilize for Business

The Kind of Virtual Phone Numbers You Can Utilize for Business

There are two types of telephone numbers: the number attached to a telephone line and the virtual number. Why should a business choose a virtual customer service number?

The number attached to a line is the most common and corresponds to what you have at home, for your domestic line (for example you have a box with a telephone and a number) and most certainly also to this that you have in your company: each number is linked to a line, an extension, or a “switchboard” if you have invested.

If you move, you must make a physical transfer from the line to your new address.

The Virtual Phone number is not attached to a line or equipment.It is a “cloud” number that can be used with any existing telephone by simply transferring incoming calls from this virtual number to the telephone lines of your choice or to call acceptance terminals by the Web.

Your point of contact must be a virtual number.

The primary phone number (e.g., customer support number) for your business should be a virtual number. You can associate it with any existing line. You can associate it with professional telephone reception options easily and even deploy an actual call center. Office moves will no longer be a problem, nor will your employees’ mobility, and it will naturally accompany the growth of your business since you will be able to associate new telephone lines with it with a single click.

Large companies have long used virtualization of their home numbers

In reality, large companies’ home numbers have long been virtual numbers, whether they are special 08 numbers or local 01, 02, 03numbers. Usually, these home numbers are managed by a call center, internal to the company, or outsourced. Each call center station can receive calls from home numbers, and it is possible for the company’s IT department or for the call center, if there is outsourcing, to add a station.

Business creation

If you are in the process of setting up a business or you do not yet have a dedicated phone number to receive calls from your customers or prospects, you just need to choose a number from a virtual operator. The number is usually activated within a few minutes.

The company already has a telephone number.

For entrepreneurs who already have a dedicated number for their telephone reception, there are three solutions:

Change the number

You can decide to change your phone number and take a new number, virtual this time. If this may appear restrictive to you, be aware that many companies do not modify their number several times during their existence. Usually, it is sufficient to change this number on the company’s website and in directories. Your customers or prospects are used to going to your site to contact you or search through directories. You will also keep your old number attached to a line within your company (box, IP line): you will continue for a while to receive calls on this old number while your customers have adopted the new one.

So, change your phone number today only by getting a virtual phone number from a reliable service provider. To find a reliable service provider, compare the service of different service providers like MightyCall vs Grasshopper or other service providers. It will help you to evaluate which of the service providers matches your expectations and then you can easily make a decision to buy virtual phone number from that service provider.

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