What is A Home Efficiency Assessment Done by A Roofing Company?

What is A Home Efficiency Assessment Done by A Roofing Company?

Roofing companies offer a host of different services that directly impact your home’s energy efficiency. Therefore it makes sense that you can also hire a roofing company to perform a home energy and efficiency assessment for your home. These assessments are a way to determine if you are paying more than you should in energy bills.

If you have been noticing a sharp rise in the energy bills over the past months, then chances are you are paying extra in energy bills due to poor home efficiency condition.

A roofing company such as Red Oak Exteriors can detect the exact source of your home’s poor energy efficiency and suggest possible solutions to the problem.

However, many homeowners aren’t sure about a home efficiency assessment and how it is done. To help many homeowners out there wondering the same thing, we have created this helpful article, and we suggest you keep reading.

What exactly does a home efficiency audit by roofing companies in Colorado focuses on?

While in simple terms, a home efficiency audit or assessment is a way for you to find out if you are wasting energy or not. Therefore, when you call roofing companies in Colorado Springs for a roofing assessment, they look at the electricity usage and gas usage.

So energy assessment involves looking at the different forms of energies that your home utilizes. Since the whole idea of using energy to power your home is to make your home as comfortable as possible, roofing companies also focus on the comfort level your home is providing you.

How does a home energy efficiency assessment look like?

Now that you know what a home energy assessment focuses on, the next logical question that comes to mind is how exactly is a home energy assessment performed.

The exact process for home efficiency assessment might differ from company to company; however, generally, a roofing assessment should look like this:

  • The assessment team will take a look at the exterior of your home in detail and look at areas such as your home siding, walls, windows and other parts of your home structure that may cause a leak.
  • They may also assess your attic condition if your home has one to make sure that the attic insulation is sealed correctly and there is no place for cold or heat to enter the house.
  • Assessment of your home cooling and air conditioning systems to see if you are losing any heat or cooling due to leaks in the ducts. They will also assess the cooling or heating systems’ condition to ensure they are working as efficiently as they should and don’t require replacement.
  • They will look for air leaks using specialized tools to make sure there aren’t small drafts of air coming into the home that might be too small to be felt but cause an impact on the energy efficiency of your home.
  • Finally, the roofing companies in Colorado will evaluate the overall energy efficiency of your home with the help of findings they got during the assessment and inform you if you need to take any steps to improve your home efficiency or not.

What is the best time to get a home energy assessment done?

The right time to get an energy assessment done by a roofing company is as soon as you start noticing an unusual rise in your energy bills.

The quicker you get an evaluation done to determine the cause of the high bills, the sooner you can get the issue under control. You can control the issue of high bills by installing Solar Panel Installation in Colorado Springs If you delay the energy assessment, you are only wasting money in the form of higher energy bills.

So as soon as you notice that your home energy bills are skyrocketing, you should contact roofing companies in Colorado Springs to get a home energy assessment done.

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