Why Is Bangalore The Ideal Choice For Starting A Career In Data Science?

Why Is Bangalore The Ideal Choice For Starting A Career In Data Science?

Errors and mistakes define a human being the best. But the times we are going through demand accuracy and finesse. As it seems, being accurate, to the point and efficient at work are the naturally selected traits when it comes to being a professional in 2021. Therefore, conducting research before making a decision has become the natural order of things. This data dependency experienced a hike after the emergence of COVID19. All the aspects of human life changed drastically and professional institutions had to rework the existing paradigms of conducting operations.

Data science as a discipline witnessed rapid growth, never seen in ages. The utilization of data reached its climax as businesses started racing towards a more efficient way of conducting commerce. As a result, job opportunities as well as demand for the data processing Field, which includes Data science, Data analysis as well as Data mining, has Increased. For brushing up the basics you can consider the Data Analytics Course will be helpful in facing Interviews. Being a data science enthusiast in India has its own advantages. As the country houses one the most hard-working data science communities in the world and entire cities dedicated to serving the discipline. This article will discuss the most important of them all, Bangalore. And why exactly the city is an ideal starting ground for budding job seekers.

The community

Bangalore started out as a hub for the Indian IT industry back in the 80s. Since then It professionals from all over the country started relocating to the city for professional purposes. These early settlers started the IT revolution in the country and their descendants are still living there. People living in the city continue to carry forward the knowledge and constantly add to it. The tech community in Bangalore understands the struggle of a budding data scientist hence the prospects of receiving help and guidance are enormous in the city.

The presence of this community ensures a steady flow of innovation and an environment of co-operation. From which, a budding data scientist will most certainly benefit.

Presence of tech giants

Infosys kick-started the tech industry in Bangalore. Since then Wipro, TCS, Capgemini have located their headquarters in the city. This massive presence inspired lots of other renowned ventures to set foot in Bangalore. The environment changed drastically and as a result, innovation flew like an endless stream. Today hundreds of thousands of tech startups call Bangalore their home.

Weather and climate

The climate and weather of Bangalore are well suited for the maintenance of sophisticated technology, especially electronics. The air is dry and due to high altitude, the average temperature is significantly lower. These climatic conditions encourage hard work and the greenery present in the city promotes good health.

Bangalore never fails to provide recreation to the tired and the bored. Many major tourist attractions are close to the city alongside vibrant nightlife.

Infrastructure and support

Bangalore is similarly distant from both eastern and western ghats. And connected by an extensive road network. The airport in the city is quite capable of handling a large number of flights on a daily basis. Thus the connectivity of Bangalore at an international level is pretty strong as well. Being the capital of Karnataka, the city is maintained and suited for any genre of industry involving both physical and intellectual labor.

Good academic opportunities for data science

Bangalore houses many of the top-ranking institutes of the country. Due to the extensive infrastructure, the city possesses it presents a lot of opportunities for academia to flourish. Indian Institute of science is the crown jewel of Bangalore and the presence of such an institute ushered in many other academic entities like Reva University, National institute of mental health and neuroscience, etc.

The prospects of gaining data science training in Bangalore are bolstered by not just academic organizations but professional entities as well. It is very much possible to receive at-work training in Bangalore due to the presence of a thriving industry centered around tech.

Author’s thoughts

The data dependency will inevitably increase given the circumstances we are facing. It is exceptionally wise to make the tough call of relocating to Bangalore. A fairly long stay in Bangalore will open up opportunities for gaining valuable experiences. Which in turn might help in landing good employment. Additionally, the thriving tech community of Bangalore is the cradle of knowledge, an untapped resource ready for the taking. Staying in Bangalore will inevitably connect an individual to an extensive professional and academic network. In a nutshell, the city can provide the perfect opportunity for learning while working full time. And the presence of tech institutes will open up the possibilities of rapid and adaptive diversification as well.