5 Proven Ways to Get More Audience on YouTube

5 Proven Ways to Get More Audience on YouTube

In the present era, the world populace has made YouTube a part of their daily routine. 1 billion hours of YouTube are watched by users per day which is equivalent to 8.4 minutes per day per human. With the channel being crowded with an endless library of video content, users need to get a pretty good reason to watch your video over others and we also need to convert these visitors to subscribers. The number of subscribers you have is a measure of the popularity of your channel. Don’t count yourself out and surrender to the competition out there. Working out a strategy could help you boost your subscriber count. 

Few Tips to Organically Increase The Number of Subscribers you have

  1. Entreat your viewers to subscribe

This is the easiest way you can increase your subscriber count. Ask your audience to click the big red “Subscribe “button right below the video and also make them click the bell button so that they’ll get notified every time you upload a video. Don’t say it too much as you might risk turning people off. A subscribe watermark can be added to your videos to remind viewers. Interacting with your audience by replying to their comments can aid in making them feel like subscribing.

  1. Do keyword research for searchable video titles

Good keyword optimization is a great start to improving the organic reach of your channel. You might have got an awesome video but no one will click it if it has got a boring, generic title.SEO tools can help you find the words people are using to find the information you are providing.

  1. Be consistent with content and stick to an upload schedule

Your channel needs to be consistent if you want to gain subscribers fast. You need to give an idea to your audience on when to look out for a new video. Start off by uploading one video every week. If you lack any thoughts for new content you could ask your viewers to pen down in the comment box the kind of videos they would like. Make an upload schedule that is not too overwhelming for you to produce and stick to it as you don’t want to let down users.

  1. Eye-Catching Thumbnails

Thumbnail images appear in the image results of Google search. Therefore, optimisation of your thumbnail can count for increasing viewers. The best YouTube thumbnails have a quality, eye-catching image which could also be a screenshot from your video, an attractive title text and contrastive colours. The thumbnail should be such that the users can tell exactly what the video is about by one look at the thumbnail.

  1. Allure your audience over from other social media channels

Embedding your video on your website can help present your video right where people most likely to care about it are already looking. If you have an existing website that gets consistent traffic this is the perfect solution to finding new subscribers. You could use your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter handles for this. Leverage the traffic you already have to promote your YouTube channel. 

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Hannah Montana