7 Ways to Get Customers Attention with Custom Lipstick Packaging

7 Ways to Get Customers Attention with Custom Lipstick Packaging

Lipsticks are the primary product when it comes to recreating any look. Eye makeup is incomplete without these colorful wax sticks. Women of every age love to wear these lipsticks as per their choices. It is the product that goes with any occasion. From official dinners to the family gathering, you can carry it with any look. It is the reason many makeups and lipstick brands give a wide variety of lip balm in custom lipstick packaging. Now brands are of the value of packaging when it comes to beauty items. The cosmetic how beauty and the package it comes must be alluring and engaging.

What is the role of lipstick packaging?

Lipstick packing secures your lipstick against any moisture and physical impact. It is one of the delicate makeup products that are sensitive to heat and pressure. You need to keep the item safe from harmful factors, which can help with custom packing for brands. Today people love to ship via the e-commerce website, so the business needs to work on the quality of the boxes. It would be best if you created a package that offers the following benefits to the lipsticks:

  • offer shield
  • best display
  •  helps in branding 

Helps in Branding 

 besides all the benefits mentioned above, the most vital one is branding. Do you know lipstick boxes are one of the most effective and affordable branding tools? It can make or break the path of success, and you need to be careful while using these boxes. It is how you can engage many buyers and make them buy lipstick from your brands. As you know that lip balms, gloss and others come under the luxurious and beauty items, so you need the box that delivers the same vibe. 

Get ready to find out the seven mean to create lovely and charming custom lipstick packaging for your business.

Pick a striking color combo.

Women usually get attracted by exciting and punchy shades, so here comes the first tip. It would be best if you chose a color combo that is striking and engaging. There are many colors that ladies love like :

  • magenta
  • purple
  • red
  • pink

The question is, which color must you pick? It all depends upon the nature and the theme of the business. If you are a newbie, it is best to stick to a single tone for its logo and boxes.

Here is another reason for picking punchy shades combo that is the high competition amongst various cosmetic brands. Hence without a unique approach, you can survive in the sector.

1.      Print all Info on custom lipstick packaging

Brands think the printing is only for branding purposes, but in reality, it’s not. Each business has its customization plan. You can utilize lipstick cases for marketing and promotion but never ignore the focused people.

Lipstick means women, and it is not easy to convene a lady to buy your items. They want everything from a cardboard lipstick packaging case; you must keep it in your mind.

Hence, it is vital to print all the necessary Info on the lipstick package like:

  • shades 
  • component
  • fun facts
  • punching points
  • others

Several brands ignore these points and running a successful business in the sector. However, if you are a newbie, then you need to follow the new way. 

  • Add some glitters to lipstick boxes.

After the custom printing aspect, you need to think about the next step: finishing the lipstick cases. Here you have to choose the unique finishing pattern as space looks odd on the boss. You must be thinking of the basic glossy and matte finishes for your product boxes. Indeed it seems classy and stocking, but buyers like the new things in the sector. Especially if you are new in the unit, get the finishes to shine out amongst others in the industry. What is about picking the glitter boxes for your lipstick but again, it all personal nature and the target audience. Here is the tip always prefer the quality finishes choices for your cosmetic products.

3.      Do not forget the Lamination

 With printing chap stick or lip gloss package cases, you can have various add-ons like:

  • lamination
  • windows 
  • glossing
  • others

If we talk about the Lamination, it adds a wow factor to packing and secures the print on the boxes.

It will keep your package clean and neat if you are not holding it with clean hands.

4.      Metalized Boxes

How can you forget about the metalized boxes when it comes to cosmetic products? If your makeup items come under the luxurious item, you need the packaging that goes with the nature of the items. So the silver and gold foiling is the best choice that can engage women by its appealing look. Of course, it’s up to you which color you pick for the metalized boxes, but the gold and silvers are the famous ones.

5.      Window custom lipstick packaging

People buy what they see, so women are very much conscious about the colors and the shades when it comes to cosmetics. They will never purchase your product blindly. If you are a newbie and can’t afford to offer a tester, then these window-cut cases are your best pick. The die-cut tech enables packaging firms to create the lovely cardboard box with the window-pane. You can make them in any shape and size. 

The window on the lipstick enables buyers to see what they are buying and offers aesthetics to the products. These boxes work as the best display packaging for various items.

6.      Eco-friendly boxes.

It does not matter what style, add-ons, imagination you choose for the custom lipstick packaging; if you fail to, select the box’s proper stuff. Today people like the brads that engage themselves with the green causes. So you need to pick the eco-friendly packing stuff for your brand’s boxes.