Believing these 6 myths About Lip Gloss can Cost you Badly

Believing these 6 myths About Lip Gloss can Cost you Badly

Liquid cosmetic items like lip gloss need extreme protection to avoid getting spoiled during shipping. For this purpose, the highly sturdy lip gloss boxes made of corrugated cardboard material are used. Brands can get them with the thickness level of the walls ranging from 60lbs to 400lbs. Getting these boxes in the right size and attractive shapes effectively enhances the appeal of items. Customization techniques like die-cutting, embossing, scoring, and foiling add value to their structural and print design. High-quality display of the images and colors become a source of attraction by using the advanced offset printers. 

Nobody wants the chapped lips as it can make you embarrass in the crowd. The classy lip gloss packaged in the elegant lip gloss boxes comes handily here to define the real beauty of your lips. However still, some common myths about them exist that make people confused about their use. Here are some common myths about them that need to be addressed or else can cost you badly. 

You can Get Addicted to it

It is common practice to keep the lip gloss in a pocket or purse in all seasons, and especially in the winters, to make the lips shiny and wet. People love to apply the layers of it over their lips while going to any party. But, some people always keep the custom printed lip gloss boxes along them to use frequently. They are not a specific solution for this purpose, but they are a vital part of your cosmetic collection. Applying them over the lips, again and again, might lead to addiction, according to some people. But, this is not the fact. They are a short terms solution to give your lips a seductive look at the parties or other events. So, this misconception has no reality behind it.

Lip Gloss has no Side Effects

Some people think that using the different flavors of lip gloss is completely safe for the lips. But, in reality, believing in this myth can cost you badly. Usually, it is also mentioned over the custom lip gloss boxes wholesale that they contain some traced amount of the lead and other toxic elements. Excessive use of lip gloss can lead to some drying or other problems. So, it is essential to use them in a controlled amount. You can read these directions from the packaging as all the information is mentioned clearly over its surface. Long-term use of this neurotoxin can cause various health problems like a headache. Infertility or other serious issues. It also contains chromium in some amount. The excessive amount of chromium can also lead to health problems. So, always choose a lip care agent with the minimum amount of these two elements. 

Best Alternate of Lip Balm

Some people relate lip balm and lip gloss in terms of the usage and properties. However, this is a misconception, and the facts are totally changed. The lip balm is a solution to cracked and chapped lips, while the lip gloss is more like a cosmetic item. Custom lip gloss boxes USA are imprinted with clear details about their usage. This sheer stuff is more like a temporary moisturizer to enhance the appeal of your lips along with the other cosmetic items. Lip balm contains more amount of SPF 30 that protects our lips from the direct UV rays coming with the sunlight. However, the importance of shiny lip gloss can’t be denied for enhancing the appeal of lips. 

Using it as Eye Shadow is Safe

Directions to use are usually clearly mentioned over custom printed lip gloss boxes by the brands. However, another myth aroused recently regarding them is their use as the eyeshadow. Some cosmetic lovers like to discover new tricks regarding the use of makeup items. Usually, people do not hesitate to use eyeshadow over the lips in the absence of lipstick or lip gloss. It becomes the latest trend among cosmetic lovers. Even if you have to use it over your eyelids, then make sure to use the concealer first. Its direct contact can result in infection or redness to the eyes. The eye area is more sensitive, and hence the ingredients used for a lip product are not perfect for the eye area as well.

A Permanent Solution for Dryness

Some people keep using lip gloss to remove the dryness of their lips in the winter season by believing in this myth. This confusion creates because of the moisturizing ability of this lip product. This confusion can come from the imprinted benefits of them over the custom lip gloss boxes wholesale. However, it is not a permanent solution for the dryness problems of the lips. It does not contain the SPF that is essential for the health of the lips. Drink enough water to fulfill your hydration needs. Make sure to use the lip balm first and then apply the lip gloss for temporary hydration; else, your lips will start getting chapped more. 

Only a Costly Lip Gloss is Good 

People spend a lot of money to look beautiful, and they give special attention to their lips. A good lip gloss adds charm to the personality and lips and gives a seductive look while talking. However, believing that only a costly lip gloss is good is a myth. Custom Boxes UK can help you find the quality solution for the beauty of your lips. Pay attention to the quality of packaging as it represents the professionalism of the brands. Make sure that all the brand information is printed over them to avoid using the replica products. Also, check the expiry dates and the amount of lead and chromium used in them. Opt for the one with less amount of these two factors.

Hence, we can say that all these myths are just a misconception. It is essential to check the facts before making an assumption about their usage. It will keep you safe from harm. Opt for such liquid lip care products that are packaged in sturdy lip gloss boxes to keep them safe in your pocket or purse.

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