Beyond Business Continuity: Warrior Mindset

Beyond Business Continuity: Warrior Mindset

There comes a time when even leaders wonder what it is all about. And it is done with a sense of Deja vu. The pandemic has swamped all of us again in 2021, after we thought it was just ending. The 2nd wave has been much deadlier. Imagine if, say, a few years back, some TV celebrity or management Guru had predicted the scale of changes done practically overnight, people would have laughed and ridiculed the person. If someone had predicted a mass WFH, total lockdowns and a global impact, people would have described them as crazy. If someone had envisioned a global pandemic, with unforeseen economic & economic uncertainties, people would have laughed. Unfortunately, this is precisely what has happened. The global impact of the Pandemic has been huge and lasting, with large scale disruptions. The enormous changes that have taken place and been implemented as a response will have long lasting effects – it is a sobering thought to realise that our world will never be the same again.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had many ripple effects – a major one is the disruption to almost every aspect of daily life, including work. Leaders who are managing a team in WFH mode or working remotely thanks to Pandemic outbreak, will attest to the fact that they & their colleagues really find the transition from coming into a workspace every day to working from home to be quite stressful and different. But change has been the one constant in the pandemic and companies, leaders, managers & professionals must gear up to adapt to new situations, working styles, reporting modes and work itself, as business continuity remains the norm and remote working goes mainstream. 

As the 2nd wave ends and terms like “new normal” begin to be ridiculed, the question of business continuity is at the top of every business leader’s mind – it emerges as the core concern. And now, business leaders are beginning to understand that they need to think and act like warriors if they are to survive – with their is about moving from a base of rooted in certainty – much like having done you apply online for trademark. Once registered, no one can take your trademark away from you, it is secure. This warrior leadership needs a special mindset, let us take a look at the traits involved: 

Warrior leaders thrive on innovation:

One of the core tenets of warrior leadership is an openness to experiment with new things that can improve the organization’s work speed and impact outcomes. It is vital to note that this focus should go beyond mere process automation. Leaders will need to champion this mind-set – this will inspire and instil creativity from the team members, so that new ideas can be implemented. It is a hallmark of warrior leaders that they help to spur innovation in the team, thus helping teams to get newer perspective and a wider knowledge base. This, in turn, helps to generate new ideas and further innovate in processes. 

Warrior leaders are eager learners:

For managers and leaders to become warrior leaders, it is essential to stay abreast of the new developments in your industry. Staying aware of any updates in the market helps in planning ahead. Warrior leaders realize the value of learning new advances, tactics, etc…and so, go out of their way to learn new things purposefully – especially focusing on thought leaders. And with every new approach learnt from outside the boundaries of the department, company, or industry, they gain new ideas. Thus, they become equipped to give new inputs for strategies and plans to help resolve any problems that the organization may face.

Warrior leaders are there when it matters:

Often, in businesses there is constant idea flow from customers, staff, vendors, and other people we interact with. They can help increase it or decrease. Many times, the organization is divided into silos because of less interaction. If you are sitting at the same desk every day and dealing with the same set of people, new perspectives and innovative solutions just will not come. Disrupt patterns, try new arrangements and things. Constancy and habit can cancel the potential for any opportunity to evolve, and location is a major determinant of this. Peter Drucker calls this “managing by walking around.” Location can make a major difference. Wherever there is change, warrior leaders are there, learning, amending, trying  new things. 


Business continuity will result only as a result of direct, positive, growth focussed actions on the part of the business leader. Organizations and teams will take their lead from inspirational leaders – and the Pandemic is a do or die situation, calling for a warrior mindset. When survival is at stake, these instincts kick in. And these instincts are to be harnessed, brought to the fore and applied. When action-oriented, goal-oriented leaders emerge, results are a given. it is a much better approach than being afraid of change and trying to maintain the status quo.