Design Themes: Japanese Style Interior Paired With Handmade Cushions

There are endless reasons why Japan is considered one of the most popular countries in the world. Its breathtaking scenery, impressive temples, and castles attract a lot of tourists from around the globe. They have public transportation, such as bus, train, and subway, with high reliability and efficiency that other countries have difficulty imitating. Anime is the fantasy version of Japan. If you watch this kind of movie and series, you would know that it values cleanliness among others as seen from their sparkling clean streets. Besides that, the Japanese are known for their uncommonly polite and welcoming attitude. Ultimately, it has incredibly fantastic architecture and buildings that other countries are starting to adapt to.

Are you a long-time fan of anime that seeing their houses make you want to renovate your own just to incorporate the Japanese-style interior? If yes, then continue reading to know the features you have to follow and the handmade cushions that will perfectly fit in the theme.

Key features of Japanese interior design

Are you living in a house with interior design that does not match your tastes and preferences anymore? Does the mere sight of it make you unproductive? Does it induce negative feelings instead of making the place vibrant and welcoming? If you answered yes to all three questions, then it is high time to consider changing the interior design. Since you love Japanese designs and architecture, you can use it as an inspiration. It is highly associated with the word zen which was first used in a school of Mahayana Buddhism to assert that a person can only achieve enlightenment through self-contemplation and meditation. To truly achieve the same traditional home aesthetic, you must follow all its simple features.

1.   Declutter

Are you the type of homeowner who impulsively buys stuff in your house even if it will not remain functional in the long run? If you are, you should avoid doing this as the Japanese interior design will require you to maintain a minimalist lifestyle. It means that you should always practice the art of decluttering. Marie Kondo, a Japanese organizing consultant and author of ‘Spark Joy’ defined decluttering as a way of removing things in your house that no longer sparks joy in your heart. It became the talk of the town as it taught people to identify what truly matters and brought them into thinking that owning fewer but functional items hold greater value and signals a healthier lifestyle than having all the things in the world.

2.   Use of natural materials

The Japanese Interior design is not complete without the use of natural materials. For people in Japan, it is what contributes most to the ultimate beauty of their houses. For them, these materials have a soul that can be a source of your happiness if only you can study and listen to them. There are several ways that you can bring nature inside of your home. One of these is by purchasing furniture made from natural materials, such as bamboo and wood used nowadays. Besides that, you can also make wooden windows, room dividers, and staircases.

3.   Take natural light into consideration

When you try to mimic Japanese houses, you must take into consideration the amount of light that penetrates the place. It is an important feature to make home aesthetics possible. Though daylight can’t be held, it has the power to convey a visual drama making the place Instagram-worthy. When designing your house, make sure that there is enough natural light in your home as it will result in a happier and healthier environment to live in.

4.   Use of modular design

The use of modular design is a must in Japan because they have very expensive lands, especially in the main cities. Several people have no other choice but to settle with extremely tiny homes but at the same time, it inspired architects to be more creative in utilizing available spaces. When you have a Japanese-styled house, there is a need to use multifunctional and multifaceted pieces of furniture. You may have a bedroom that can be convertible into a living room or a kitchen space that can be transformed into a library.

5.   White is the most dominating color

There are numerous color schemes that you can apply to the interior of your house. Despite the wide range of options that you have, it is recommended to use to attain the Japanese style. It dominates most houses in Japan since it is considered a representation of purity and emptiness.

Pair your Japanese styled homes with handmade cushions

1.   Highland luxury handmade cushion

This highland luxury cushion features the figure of the head of an animal in the center and on the four corners of the product. It is available in four different sizes with varying price tags. The larger the item, the more expensive it is. The price ranges from £59.99 to £79.99 It is made from chenille fabric with 100% polyester. It will not look dull in your Japanese-styled living room because of its color and design. If you are eyeing more options, you can shop ranges of cushions here.

2.   Piccadilly handmade cushion

The Piccadilly handmade cushion has a floral pattern that stays true with the aim of Japanese interior design which is to use elements that you see in nature. It is slightly cheaper than the highland cushion since you can have it for as low as £42.99 to as high as £62.99. It is made of woven chenille fabric composed of polyester and viscose materials.

3.   Carnival jungle theme handmade cushion

This handmade cushion is composed of colors that you can easily see outside of your house. Its design can magically bring nature indoors which is what the Japanese interior design requires. It costs  £61.99 to  £81.99. A printed soft velour furnishing fabric composed of 100% polyester was used to create this cushion.

In a Nutshell

For your house to have a Japanese interior, you must consider the listed features above. Once you correctly do it, you will then enjoy a minimalist, organized, and functional place to live in for the years to come. Don’t forget to add handmade cushions to increase its aesthetic appeal!

Hannah Montana