Incredible Combo gift ideas with cake for your Loved Ones

Incredible Combo gift ideas with cake for your Loved Ones

The materialistic World has given us everything from gen – next mobile phones to trendy clothes to modern interiors and automated cars. But when it comes to special occasions like – birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, do these things become our priority? The answer is no. In order to convert our special day into a special memory, spending time with our loved ones becomes mandatory. We love receiving their calls, meeting them, receiving gifts bla bla bla. Afterall, it’s all about relationships. So, if any special occasion of your loved one is around the corner, pamper them with delicious cakes.  Afterall, cakes are the king of desserts and they satiate taste buds like no one else. But while presenting cake to our sweetheart, some incompleteness remains there. Isn’t it? It’s always better to gift cake to your loved one along with one more item, making it a perfect combo.

Confused about the best combo options? Not to worry, here we bring awesome combo ideas. Have a look:

1. Cake and flowers: The joy of receiving a gift becomes double when the gift is in combination. Amplify the celebration of a special day by gifting your sweetheart a great combination of the beauty of flowers with the richness of yummy cakes. A delicious cake will be pleasing to the sweet tooth, whereas the fragrance of flowers will mesmerize the whole of the recipient making him/her feel positive. Your loved one will remember this amazing gesture of yours for their entire life. You can browse through the exquisite flowers and cake combos to send you’re dear and near ones a token of love.

2. Cake and teddy: Add more sweetness to your gift by combining cake with the teddy. Well, that’s the best and the perfect way to express the feelings of your heart to your close ones. Your love will relish every bite of the cake and feel great decorate this lovely piece at their homes. Whether it’s a living room, bed room or a gallery, teddy bears enhance the look of the place. This combination is most suitable for young girls and kids. Soft in texture, your love will hold them tightly and feel cozy. With a combination of flavorsome cake and a teddy bear as a gift, you can expect a smile on their face and twinkle in their eyes spreading the charm of adorable vibes all around.

3. Cake and greeting card: Greeting cards like birthday cards, thank you cards, sorry cards, love you cards and anniversary cards are the best ways to connect with your loved ones.From funny to heartfelt to exquisite, a range of greeting cards can be ordered online. You can also order a musical greeting card to let your loved one feel more entertained. Getting a sumptuous cake alongwith a beautiful card will definitely make the day of your loved one. If you want to add a personal touch to your gift combination, then bake a cake at home and club a greeting card to let someone know how much you care.

4. Cake and collage: Photo collages and custom digital artworks are hand crafted masterpieces that outshine an imagination of any gift. It makes the best gift for varied occasions suitable for every relation and age group be it – parents, grandparents, boyfriend, girlfriend, kids, siblings etc. Browse through a beautiful collage frame online and get it made for your loved one. Also, order a lip smacking cake along with collage to enhance the happiness of your loved one. FlowerAura is one of the most reliable virtual cake shops to order mouth watering cakes. The cake delivery can be accessed even in small towns like Kurnool. Online cake delivery in Kolkata can be availed timely and safely.

5. Cake and an antique: If your darling is fond of home decoration, then gifting an antique is the ideal choice. Today, we have a lot of people around us who have a creative bent of mind. Their creativity is being sold off in the form of décor pieces. Search an array of antique online from hand painting to craft to pottery etc. These vintage objects will be loved by your dear and near ones and they will feel amazing decorating their homes like a palace. Don’t forget to club this gift with a chocolate cake. Layered with buttery chocolate cream and topped with cherries and gems, your love will enjoy every bite of it.

Relations are the gift of God and combo gifts are the best to pamper them. So, if you want to congratulate someone on their occasion or want to wish warm greetings, then combo gifts are the best options. Try them and reignite your relations with infinite sparks.

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