Menstrual Hygiene: Everything You Should Know

Menstrual Hygiene: Everything You Should Know

Menstruation remains a much neglected subject, as an open and honest discourse around it is still considered taboo in many circles. However, it is an inevitable and important biological process that half the human race experiences for a better part of their life. For that reason, the subject of menstruation deserves attention and needs to be handled with utmost caution. This is particularly true of menstrual hygiene, which can have a direct impact on your fertility and overall health. 

To help you maintain proper hygiene during menstruation, here are some essential things you need to bear in mind. 

#1. Follow one method of sanitation: 

Today, there are several sanitary products in the market to help women manage their menses – tampons, sanitary napkins, cloth pads, menstrual cups. It is always recommended to stick to one type. A lot of women use different kinds of products on different days of their menstruation to manage the varying flow. This may seem to work effectively, but should be avoided at all costs. Using a mix of sanitary pad layered with cloth napkins or a tampon with cloth for extra protection can lead to a host of health issues such as infections and rashes.

#2. Use Sanitary Pads the right way

Sanitary napkins are the most widely used products for menstruation. You are likely to find several brands in this segment, owing to their popularity. It is wise to use the one that ensures good protection and is gentle on the skin. Whether you use a tampon or sanitary napkin, the product should be skin-friendly. Besides, changing your pads or tampons every 3-4 hours is recommended. The stagnant period blood acts as a breeding ground for organisms that tend to cause serious issues like irritation, rashes, and urinary tract infections, and in rare cases severe complications such as toxic shock. 

3. Say no to soaps or vaginal hygiene products

Using soap or any vaginal products for cleaning your intimate parts can do a lot of harm to your body. Vagina has its own natural cleaning process and doesn’t need external aid to stay clean and free of bacteria growth. Using chemical-laden intimate care products can disturb your vagina’s ideal pH level, leading to dryness, itching, rashes and infections. So, strictly avoid using these products, instead switch to using some lukewarm water to wash your intimate body parts.

4. Use panty liners

Panty liners are not designed to handle menstrual flow but these tiny products are useful for ensuring proper menstrual hygiene. They come in handy for managing your premenstrual and postmenstrual discharges. They prevent your undergarments from being stained so the possibility of vaginal stickiness and foulness is reduced. Luckily, panty liners are very thin and small, thus, you can use them carefree to enjoy the lasting freshness. 

These practices will seriously help you keep your menstrual health at its peak. Last but not the least, always stay informed about your period cycle – its start date, cycle duration, and flow level – to be able to manage it effectively. 

Hannah Montana