QuickBooks error 12029

QuickBooks error 12029

QuickBooks have evolved as a platform and the growth is so massive, the kind of features offered is commendable. For making the best and most effective results for the business, people are using QuickBooks software. The accountancy tasks, financial activities, bookkeeping everything is handled with ease. It is not hidden that making the best use of any computer software, calls for keeping it up to date. 

If it isn’t updated, chances of technical glitches, errors, and other complications are common. Similar is the case with QuickBooks services, with its unlimited features, there are also a few challenges. One of the most common kinds of error user faces is Error 12029. If you are going through it and don’t know how to get rid of it, here is how!

What is the cause of Error 12029?

This type of error occurs when the user tries to update the QuickBooks application and its payroll feature. The software is unable to connect to the Internet, this is because of some kind of error in it. Also, due to misconfiguration in the Windows operating system, the error may affect. If you are still unsure what causes the error to occur, here’s why. 

External cause:

  • Firewall setting, Anti-virus, and other third-party security application is interrupting the download
  • Higher possibility of anti-malware and antivirus applications may also restrict from updating files.
  • The Antivirus application assumes updating is of the software is a sort of malware in the computer.
  • You have selected a different Internet browser instead of choosing Internet Explorer
  • If the SSL certificate by the application isn’t valid

Internal Causes:

  • Connectivity issue with the Internet
  • If your internet is not connected, down, or even disconnected
  • Connectivity issues in QuickBooks services
  • QuickBooks updating timeout
  • From using the server, QuickBooks is blocked.

Can we Resolve the Error? 

If you are willing to resolve the error 12029, you can get rid of the same. The best part about using this Intuit’s software is, errors are fixable. You have got great ways and means to do so. One is to follow a quick recovery step-by-step guide, or you can contact a support team and discuss the problem. 

Different Methods to Getting Rid of the Error


  1. You can download a TLS 1.2 Utility and then run it
  2. Make Microsoft’s Internet explorer always your default web browser. 
  3. Take the support of customer care, experts to make your login process easier.


  1. After you open your Microsoft IE, navigate to Internet Options and then select the Security Tab in it
  2. Now, choose the Globe symbol, further check your security level, see if it is not higher than the normal level. 
  3. Move ahead to the connection tab, choose the ‘Never dial a connection option 
  4. Further, move on to the LAN setting and then choose ‘automatically detect settings 
  5. Click on the Proxy server option to test
  6. Now, choose to restore advanced settings, further reboot your PC

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Configure the Antivirus/ Firewall device

  1. For configuring your firewall, you need to download your QB file Doctor tool
  2. Then, run your setup file, choose to open the tool
  3. The tools are known for configuring windows firewall and other ports automatically

Start Window in Safe Mode

  1. Choose Window Key + I to open your settings
  2. Click Update & security, choose recovery and then choose advanced Startup
  3. You can click Restart now button, go to the advanced option, choose troubleshoot, now choose startup setting, and then the Restart button. 
  4. In that, once you witness your computer being restart, choose your safe mode option and then check if the QuickBooks error code 12029 is present. Install QB desktop Security certificate
  5. Right-click on your QuickBooks icon, in that click on the properties option
  6. Once done, you can further open the file location mentioned under the shortcut tab and then choose the OK button
  7. Moving on, right-click on your QuickBooks.exe file and then hit on the Properties option
  8. Now, you have to carry forward the next step and select the QuickBooks option from the list, click on the details present under your digital signature
  9. Then, click on your view certificate option, hit on your install certificate mode from the general tab
  10. This step is crucial, you have to ensure to set the current user as your store location. Under the certificate import wizard window, followed by hitting Next.
  11. Click on next, finish options, and done
  12. For ending the process, you can further click on the OK tab and you are good to go


You have to ensure that you follow each of the steps carefully to get your error resolved in no time. Your QuickBooks services software has to be utilized in the most sought-after manner. Do not let this kind of error disturb you from having to use it. 

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