University of Phoenix Hosts April 24 Commencement at Chase Field

University of Phoenix Hosts April 24 Commencement at Chase Field

On the Saturday morning of April 24, 2021, University of Phoenix held an in-person commencement ceremony at Chase Field in Phoenix. The ceremony featured speakers from the University’s administration including President Peter Cohen and Provost and Chief Academic Officer Dr. John Woods.

Cohen and his administration were pleased that the commencement could safely move forward after an uncertain year navigating COVID-19. The ceremony adhered to all applicable state, federal and venue guidelines while also enforcing social distancing protocols. All event participants were required to wear a face mask during the ceremony, and only pre-registered graduates and guests could attend.

When announcing the ceremony, Cohen affirmed, “The past year has been a year like no other, and our students have overcome unprecedented obstacles to complete their college degree.” He also emphasized his excitement “to be able to host an in-person event to honor our graduates while still prioritizing the health and safety of the community. I’m so proud of our graduates and their commitment, perseverance, and determination in achieving their education and career goals.”

A One-of-a-Kind Commencement for a One-of-a-Kind University

In addition to University of Phoenix administration members, the ceremony also welcomed commencement speaker Larry Fitzgerald, football star and University of Phoenix alumnus Fitzgerald played for the Arizona Cardinals from 2004–2020. While playing for the Cardinals in 2016, Fitzgerald graduated from University of Phoenix with a Bachelor of Science in Communication.

Fitzgerald had enrolled at the University of Pittsburgh while playing for the school’s football team during his college years. However, he did not finish his degree after the Cardinals selected him during the first round of the 2004 NFL Draft. Fitzgerald’s degree completion at University of Phoenix was not only a significant academic accomplishment. The milestone represented a fulfilled promise that Fitzgerald made to his mother years ago, hoping her son would earn a college degree.

When students do not have to worry about making any additional sacrifices for their education, the possibilities of what they can achieve are endless. University of Phoenix recognizes that more than 68 percent of its students are employed while enrolled in their classes. Typically, University students do not only have themselves and their careers to consider but also their families. Two-thirds of the University’s student body has at least one dependent.

Fitzgerald’s ability to earn a communications degree while playing professional football demonstrates how University of Phoenix puts its values into practice. Since opening its doors in 1976, the University has gone the extra mile to make higher education as accessible as possible to working adults. Fitzgerald is one of more than a million University of Phoenix alumni who prove that working adults can earn an education while managing their priorities at home.

How University of Phoenix Helps Every Graduate Celebrate Their Achievements

Since University of Phoenix offers its students the opportunity to earn an education remotely, not every graduate could travel to Chase Field to attend the graduation celebration. To ensure that all graduates had their accomplishments recognized, University of Phoenix will also host a virtual commencement ceremony. The administration hopes that this event will draw attendees who are uncomfortable attending an in-person ceremony in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

For graduates and their loved ones who wished to attend in person but were unable to make the April 24 date, there is an alternative. University of Phoenix announced plans to hold additional in-person commencement ceremonies across the United States through the end of the year.

The University is committed to paying close attention to all state and federal health recommendations when planning other commencement ceremonies. As a result, all selected venues must follow relevant federal and state safety protocols. Graduates and their loved ones interested in attending a University of Phoenix commencement ceremony near them can visit for more information.

About University of Phoenix

University of Phoenix is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission ( The University is committed to serving the unique needs of working adults. The school offers both in-person and virtual learning opportunities with flexible scheduling, relevant coursework and interactive opportunities. By meeting the needs of working adults with pre-existing commitments, University of Phoenix can help students complete the program of their choice without having to take a step back from their busy lives.

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