All you need to know about the FSSAI license validity

All you need to know about the FSSAI license validity

FSSAI is the authority that has been introduced and formed by the government legislature of GoI to issue licenses to all food supplying and packaging companies. It makes sure that the manufactured and sold food is of top-notch quality and without any adulteration. It is crucial for any FBOs to obtain FSSAI license and its validity. 

For every food business operator (FBO) in India, it becomes pertinent to apply for online FSSAI registration as there are plenty of other food licenses issued by the FSSAI; they are state licenses, central licenses, and basic registration licenses. Depending on the quantity and volume manufactured, the type of license differs. After the successful registration of the FSSAI license, one is obliged to obtain an FSSAI registration certificate with all the information concerning the place of operation and time of business.

FSSAI license number.

The FSSAI certificate includes an FSSAI license number. It is a fourteen-digit number that has to be there where you are operating the food business. This fourteen-digit number can be divided into the following parts;

Section 1 – first digit displays whether the business is registered or not.

Section 2 – it is the state code, which is the place where the business is operating.

Section 3 – the 4th and 5th numbers display the year of registration of the food business.

Section 4 – 6th, 7th, and 8th numbers represent the quantity of enrolling master.

Section 5 – 9th to 14th number is the license number.

FSSAI license would be valid for a specific period, after which you are obliged to renew the FSSAI license.

Validity tenure for the FSSAI license.

– The registration is valid for a minimum of one year and a maximum for five years.

– Before the license expires, you are obliged to apply for the renewal of the license. It has to be done one month before the date of expiry of the license. If one fails to do so, he/she will have to pay the penalty of Rs. 100 for each day.

The renewal process for the FSSAI license.

The following process would help you to renew your FSSAI license.

-First, you are obliged to submit Form A if you are going for basic FSSAI registration or form B if you are going for central or state FSSAI registration.

– Post-submission of the said forms, the authorities would verify the given information to check whether it is valid or not. Once they are done with such a process, they would proceed with the renewal application.

– Some officers might carry out an inquiry of the business as well.

– Afterward, FSSAI can carry out a thorough inspection of the premises where the business is operating and whether or not you are abiding by the defined standards that the government has prescribed. They would make a report of the same and file it to the authorities.

– Once you follow all the essentials to starting a food business, you can expect the license to be issued within the two months.

Required documents for FSSAI license renewal.

As mention earlier that there are plenty of licenses, the documentation for their renewal also differs a bit, as given below;

State and central license.

– Filled form B duly signed.

– Applicant’s photograph or authorised director or signatory.

– Unit’s layout plan.

– Directors’ address proof.

– Directors’ ID proof.

– NOC from the local body.

– Category of food if it is a manufacturing company.

– Additional equipment in case of a manufacturing company.

– AoA and MoA.

– A cancelled cheque.

– Proof of property ownership or proof of authority such as utility bills.

In case you are applying for a central license, along with the documents as mentioned above, you would need documents given below as well;

– Certificate issued by the ministry of commerce.

– Water report.

– Proof of turnover.

– IEC documents that are issued by the DGFT.

With this information, you can begin the renewal process of the FSSAI license.


– What would be considered as the right time for FSSAI renewal?

The right time for it would be one month before the date of expiry of the license.

– What is the validity period of the FSSAI license?

The FSSAI license would be valid for a minimum of one year to a maximum of five years.

– What would be the penalty in case one fails to go for renewal?

FSSAI would levy a penalty of Rs. 100 per day when the food business operator (FBO) fails to file for renewal.