Christmas Gadget Tips: How to Make Sure Christmas Day Doesn’t Turn into A Nightmare

Christmas Gadget Tips: How to Make Sure Christmas Day Doesn’t Turn into A Nightmare

So, Christmas is around and it is officially the time to give something special to your loved ones. This is the time to connect with your family and friends and express your love to them. So, how about giving a try Christmas apps for surprising your loved ones?

Also how about using the cheapest international calling app that lets you have HD voice calls at almost no price? Slickcall is the best app for making calls internationally from your mobile. Whether you want to use an electronic device or want to give something to someone, we are here to help you with a guide to sorting out this for you.

1.Power: What Makes It Great?

The best advice for Christmas is that ALWAYS bring batteries with you. A large number of gadgets and modern technological devices depend on AA batteries such as wireless speakers, remotes, and game controllers. Moreover, many of these things have built-in rechargeable batteries and come with its checklists.

First of all, charge anything that needs to be charged before Christmas morning to avoid having any disappointments. One of the most frustrating things is not being able to use your brand-new phone at the breakfast table because you didn’t charge it and now have to charge it while using it. Whenever you unbox something especially a phone, you need to charge it first completely before you can enjoy using it.

If you are planning to use a Nintendo Switch, keep in mind that it is a hybrid docked/portable console. In contrast to other consoles, the machine needs charging too. This means it’s important to check whether you have the right chargers.

Some of the electronics manufacturers have started doing something new. They no longer include charging cables and bricks in the box. This initiative was first taken by Apple and was mainly taken due to environmental concerns as people usually have the right cables. But we suggest that you check yours properly.

In case you intend to buy a new charger separately, try to get a good one. Try not to compromise on quality just because something is being sold cheap. 

1.1.The Best International Calling App You’ve Never Heard Of…Until Now

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2.Installing Software Updates & Gaming Download Guide

Anything that you buy with a computer usually asks you to download updates as soon as you switch it on. Remember the phones are usually packed several months ago in factories so you have to make sure that you get the up-to-date security patch. 

In fact, if you have bought smart home techs like smart plugs and streaming boxes, you still need to see any updates that might be needed for anything to work efficiently. The good thing is that many of these updates are quite small. HOWEVER, gaming downloads might take hours. For example, before you can play any games on PlayStation or Xbox, you need to update the system’s software.

At times, console bundles have codes so that people can download games. For instance, the latest Xbox offers “Games Pass” which is a membership to a library of games where you can pick and choose games for downloading.

All these games range from 20-100GB+ in size and so it can take hours to download depending on the internet connection. It is recommended that you download the games well before Christmas. Bear in mind that you have to start the membership before you can download games.

3.Compatible Devices

One important thing to consider while buying any tech is that none of it lasts forever. Many new smartwatches can work only when they are paired with new phones. If you want to use the latest Apple Watch, you HAVE to buy an iPhone 6S or the newer iPhone. Even the popular Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 needs to pair with a compatible Samsung Android phone for it to work best. Still, the watch can work with other devices too.

4.Privacy Matters!

If you are privacy-conscious, you need to extra caution while buying tech. Make sure to read the terms and considerations. For example, some people might not be comfortable with Amazon Alexa Smart Assistant or Google Home having an always-listening microphone in the kitchen or bedroom.

It is best to look up such gadgets online and try to get to know the gadget before going ahead to buying.

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Rachel Morris