How to Prepare for CA Foundation Exams? VSI Preparation Tips

How to Prepare for CA Foundation Exams? VSI Preparation Tips

CA Foundation Exams, although being the first stage of CA but, requires a good amount of hard work and dedication. The students often fail to figure out the syllabus and proper study plan to crack the CA Foundation Exam. This is the reason why a list of best preparation tips is required.

So, here we have brought you the practical and fruitful preparation tips by VSI Jaipur. You must be wondering why VSI Jaipur for the preparation tips. Then the answer is the best CA Foundation result achieved by the students of VSI in past years. Many students got AIR not only in CA Foundation but also in CA Intermediate and CA Final

VSI Preparation Tips for CA Foundation Exams

VSI Jaipur is the best CA Foundation coaching in India, trusted by students. Later in this article, you’ll learn more about VSI, its study pattern, and the facilities provided to the students. For now, check out the preparation tips for CA Foundation exams by VSI Jaipur. 

1. Manage your Calendar

Time management is the key behind cracking the CA Foundation exam. Now, be it the time management during course completion or during the exam. Mark the dates and days to complete the particular topic and stick with your study plan. Also, set your goals to complete the syllabus on time and keep enough time to revise the syllabus and practice questions. Your minimum goal should be to complete the CA Foundation preparation before one month.

2. Control your Study Environment

The study environment has a significant role to play in your preparation. A person can never study effectively in a messy environment. It has to be clean and tidy to focus on your studies very effectively. Moreover, while solving the CA Foundation mock test papers, you need to sit in a quiet and not disturbing place.

3. Eliminate Distractions

Distractions are the major hurdle restricting you from achieving the best CA Foundation result. The list of distractions is very long and can anytime enter during your exam preparation phase. For students, major distractions are social media, mobile games, gossips, and many more. Your friends or family member can also be one of the elements of distraction. So, till your CA Foundation preparation is going on, stay away from all the distractions till your exams.

4. Study to Learn, Not to Pass 

The major mistake made by students during the CA Foundation exam preparation is they study to pass and not to learn. This can be a significant factor in your failure. This is because you can only pass if your motive is to learn the concepts and not just to pass. Moreover, it also helps students become more knowledgeable and skillful Chartered Accountants.

5. Get Right Guidance and Clear Your Doubts

The right guidance can reduce half of your burden. Make sure to find the right person to guide you and do not ask the negative friends or the batchmates. Take help from someone having the experience. Ask your all doubts to your teacher and never let any of the topics be uncovered. Do not leave any topic and clear all doubts before your CA Foundation exams.

6. Practice, Revise, Test, Review, and Improve

This is an important tip that every student must adhere to. While preparing for the CA Foundation maths exam, you need to write and practice the questions rather than just looking at the steps. Also, make sure to continuously revise the topics that you learn so that you do not forget them. After learning, practice is a must, so take the tests and review your answer strictly. Find out the areas where you have been lacking. You should also solve CA Foundation past year papers to check your preparation level.

How VSI Jaipur is the best one to Prepare for CA Foundation?

The major reasons why VSI Jaipur is the ultimate CA Foundation coaching are as follows,

Timely Course Completion

At VSI Jaipur, course completion with proper and quality understanding is given priority. The entire syllabus is completed properly by completing the heavy weightage topic at first and then the low weightage topics.

Best Mock Test

VSI Jaipur conducts 6 mock tests for the Foundation students. These mock tests are well set to cover all the topics. It is made sure that no partiality is done with the questions in the Mock Test. These mock tests adhere to the ICAI syllabus and guidelines. It gives the feel of actual CA Foundation exam papers and prepares them well.

Simplified Study Material

The study material that you get at VSI is designed by the best faculty with reference to the ICAI guidelines and syllabus pattern. These study materials are much more simplified and easy to understand. It covers all the topics in a proper sequence so that the students can co-relate the chapters in better ways.

Personalized Guidance

Personalized guidance is crucial for students to perform their best in the CA Foundation exam. It is provided to every student at VSI based on their mock test result. The students are divided into 50 different groups as per their knowledge and understanding. Now, a separate plan for each student is made and executed by teachers to improve their marks.

VSI Jaipur CA Foundation Results

VSI Jaipur has till now given the best results and proved that it deserves the position of the Best CA Foundation coaching in India. If we talk about the CPT selection, all together, 7157 students from VSI have cracked CPT from VSI. In the case of the recently introduced CA Foundation course, 119 students of VSI Jaipur cleared the July 2021 CA Foundation exam.

How to enrol for CA Foundation Course in VSI

The simple steps involved in VSI CA Foundation registration are as follows,

  • Fill the registration form and submit it along with the pp size photo and documents. Or you can fill online form and mail the documents and then send them by post.
  • Submit the INR 20000 as the admission fee will be adjusted from the total fee.

So, these were the two very simple steps to enroll yourself in VSI CA Foundation Classes. The total fee for the CA Foundation is INR 45000, which you can submit at once or in instalments. For any further queries or doubts, you can contact VSI at +91 9901798000 or visit the website. 


Therefore, to crack the CA Foundation exams, proper guidance is a must, along with a good study plan. If you follow the VSI preparation tips for the CA Foundation exam, you are half done. For the other half, you need the best classes, proper mock tests, and study material. All these facilities at VSI have been proven by their results. So, if you wish to crack the exam with the best result, book your seat today.

Pooja Saxena