Equipment Used In Pilates Class

Equipment Used In Pilates Class

Pilates is a popular workout that is performed by millions of people across the world. It is the ideal style of exercise for people of varying ages, abilities and backgrounds. The Pilates method is practised by everyday people for a variety of different health, fitness and medical reasons.

Founded by physical trainer Joseph Pilates, Pilates class is intended to strengthen the body, improve flexibility and build core strength. There are many different styles of Pilates practiced today and its methods continue to evolve as anatomical and medical science advances. Despite these differences, central to the different styles, equipment and techniques lie the core principles and philosophies founded more than 100 years ago.

In this post, we will discuss the different Pilates equipment that is used across homes and Pilates studio classes today.

Pilates Equipment

As with other workouts and exercises, Pilates classes utilises a range of equipment that helps to achieve a variety of desired physical and mental goals. The basic Pilates equipment used in a Pilates session include:

Pilates Reformer

The Pilates Reformer is one of the original pieces of Pilates equipment that consists of a rectangular frame and a padded carriage that slides along the frame. The tension of the reformer can be adapted by adding or removing springs that attach the carriage to the frame.

Reformer exercises are often grouped together into sequences or series that involve footwork, hip abdominal, arm, back and spine exercises.

Pilates Mat

Traditional Pilates exercises are completed on your back, stomach and knees. As such these exercises require a thicker mat to support and cushion the body. Mats are typically used in a traditional Pilates class, which teaches students the fundamental movement techniques as well as challenging them into advanced Pilates movements.

Magic Circle

The magic circle, also known as the Pilates ring, is a small and portable piece of Pilates equipment. It is a lightweight resistance prop that is used in both mat and reformer classes. It is designed to provide resistance that offers a greater challenge during exercise. 

Pilates Band

Similar to the Magic circle, the Pilates band offers resistance to make exercises more challenging. They come in varying lengths and resistance levels that are designed to build strength and endurance.

Foam Roller

The foam roller is a classic piece of Pilates equipment and is known for its versatility and ease of use. By placing the foam roller underneath the body, pressure is applied and massages the body as it moves. This is particularly important to reduce the risk of injury as well as aid in recovery.

Stability Ball

The stability ball is a versatile piece of Pilates equipment that works to improve balance and coordination while building and developing strength. It is a popular piece of equipment amongst those who are pregnant as it aids in movement and stretch. 

Looking For A Pilates Class?

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