Top 5 Construction Companies of Lahore for Smaller Properties

Top 5 Construction Companies of Lahore for Smaller Properties

The real estate market in Lahore is a land full of opportunities for anyone looking to make a lot of money. Many of the best real estate investment opportunities may be found here. The Walled City Lahore, a medieval city that has one of the country’s iconic heritage monuments, presents a contrasting real estate scenario, with contemporary architectural masterpieces dotting the horizon. The diverse scenery is due to the number of construction businesses attempting to create top-notch real estate developments in a place where heritage structures coexist with the new architecture.  

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The following construction companies are the top 5 in Lahore that can help construct smaller properties 

  • Glorious Builders 
  • Sadia and Ammar Associates 
  • Team Overc’s 
  • Al Nafay Construction 
  • Multi Construction services  

1. Glorious Builders  

This company was founded in 2004 to meet the demand in Lahore for a high-quality, budget-friendly, self-build house construction firm. Because of the partnerships this company has built with industry specialists like architects, engineers, tradespeople, and artisans, it is set to provide its clients with the best services in Lahore. This construction company provides services in several housing societies including Bahria Town, DHA, Valencia Housing Society, Model Town Society, Izmir Town, NFC Housing Society, etc. Glorious Builders have three offices in Lahore, with their head office being present in DHA, while one of the branches is in Lake Capital Smart City and the other in Bahria Town.

2. Sadia and Ammar Associates 

The Sadia and Ammar Associates was founded in the year 2011 and is led by a team of dedicated professional designers and architects in Lahore. These professionals have extensive experience and knowledge in the field of conceptual design. They also provide cutting-edge consultancy services in the fields of construction, interior decorating, city planning, renovation, and landscape design. The team behind Sadia and Ammar Associates provides the clients with architecture services and interior designers in the city of Lahore. Sadia and Ammar Associates have their office located on 64/15 SARFARAZ RAFIQUI ROAD, CANTT. 

3. Team Overc’s 

Team Overc’s is also one of the top construction names in Lahore. With more than a decade of experience in the area, Team Overc’s has established a reputation for offering high-quality building and construction services to its clients.  

Since 2011, Team Overc’s has established a reputation for offering high-quality building and construction services to its clients. The primary goal of this company is of serving ex-pats and offshore Pakistanis. Whether it is a residential building, commercial building, brick framework, frame structure, grey structure, or the complete finishing, Team Overc’s provides it all. Team Overc’s have offices in Bahria town Lahore and DHA Islamabad.  

4. Al Nafay Construction Company 

Lahore-based Al Nafay Construction Company is among the top names when it comes to constructing small properties. Al Nafay strives to supply its clients with the finest quality completed products at the best possible price and in the shortest amount of time. Employee engagement and self-growth are top priorities at Al Nafay. Strict hiring criteria assure a high-quality workforce in the architectural and professional areas, as well as the engineering and administrative positions. This company specializes in setting up grey structures, electrical wiring, pipelines, etc. The Al Nafay Construction Company has its office located in Johar Town Lahore 

5. Multi Construction Services 

Lastly, Multi Construction Services, formed in 2000, is also among the top 5 construction companies in Lahore. Multi Construction Services has proved itself to be a successful mix of expert developers and technical workers when it came to commercializing their services.  

Numerous engineering units were also formed as a result of the company’s professional perseverance. Multi Construction Service is effectively marketing its services to local clientele in addition to serving their own development wing. Multi Construction Services is also working on infrastructure projects in Lahore including land development, road and pavement layout, sewerage designs, etc. MCS also has its office located in Johar Town Lahore 

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