Top Refrigerator Brands to pick from

Top Refrigerator Brands to pick from

So, you’re in the market to find the best refrigerator brand that fits in your kitchen and your budget alike. Well, with so many types, brands, and styles out there in the market, picking one is a sizeable and a tricky task.   

But before committing to a single made and type, we’d recommend that you jot own your priorities. You can make a separate list of features that you need to have in the refrigerator and a wish list – that includes features you may wish for.  

But don’t worry; we’ve summed up top refrigerator brands in Phillippines, to make things simple for you.  

If you’re looking to use a mini-refrigerator you must know how much power it consumes as in the guide here. 


Because of the absolute all-round performance, Panasonic refrigerators are getting lots of love in Philippines. Featuring advanced cooling technology, Panasonic refrigerators are able to preserve food quite well. If you’re looking for the best ice maker refrigerator, this company has a lot of types and makes.  

A unique feature that sets them apart their competitors is their excellent antibacterial features. You’ll love technologies like Ag Clean, Nano e, and Hygiene Active. They have got range of products from minimalist, sophisticated, energy-saving, and modern designs. You can pick one that goes well with your budget.   Refrigerator Brands Refrigerator Brands


The next in our list is Samsung. This company is an authority in refrigerators. It is one of the most reliable refrigerator brands. Samsung offers makes and models that are sleek and high-performing. Their modern and automotive features have incorporated in expansive smart home hubs. 

With many other smart features, you’re able to manage your calendar, shop for food online, and even see who’s at the front door on the built-in screen.  


Like Samsung, refrigerators by LG are also equipped with high-tech and modern features. The company is actually famous for televisions but they’ve now gained authority in terms of refrigerators as well. Some of their impressive high-tech features include Wifi-enabled screens, builtin coffee makers and nifty ice makers that can have you dish out ice sphere for cocktails. 

But above all, they are reasonably economical that makes them a perfect brand for medium to low level income consumers. 


If you have a limited budget but want most of the high-tech features, this company has a lot of products in portfolio. Their robust quality and affordability is what people love about Sharp refrigerators. With manual defrost system and adjustable wire shelves these refrigerators are gaining popularity over years. 


Condura is one of the best local manufacturing company that has a highly-sought key features in refrigerators. Condura is in fact Philippines’ best AC manufacturer. But with their authority, they’ve gained popularity in refrigerators industry in very short time. Their famous brand in local market is Flipinized refrigerators that allows you to configure sturdy wire organizers based on your needs.   


Hanabishi is a best and famous Japanese refrigerator brand in Philippines. With state-of-the-art technologies, they are famous for reliable refrigerators. Even if you’re tight on budget, Hanabishi has many products for your likings. 

Refrigerators by Hanabishi are durable and versatile. So, if you’re looking for a product in budget segment, this is the brand you can rely on. 


GE with abbreviation of General Electric is a famous tech company, famous for household appliances like refrigerators. They have a wide range of products in different make and types. People just love them for durability and their high-tech features. Plus, they are quite easy to repair in the local market, at any time. Their line of refrigerators include French doors, side-by-side vertical doors, top, and bottom freezers. 

American Home

American home appliances has number of durable appliances that stand the test of time. American home is your best pick if you’re considering a whole lot more in terms of refrigerator types. They are famous for one of the most affordable price tags in local Philippines market.  


Haier refrigerators like other brands are also well-reputed for their affordability. The strongest suits of Haier are its high-quality standards. They  offer a wide selection of smaller refrigerators that are, without a doubt, convenient for consumers who have small space but still want a bigger selection of fridges.

Another quality that is best about Haier’s refrigerators is its eco-friendliness. The company features products with Energy Star ratings, indicating that these fridges use less energy than a traditional refrigerator.