8 Different Ways to Treat Erectile Dysfunction You Should Know

8 Different Ways to Treat Erectile Dysfunction You Should Know

Erectile dysfunction is a sexual inability of men which destroys their sexual life from time to time. However, erectile dysfunction decreases the erection in the male sex organ. Men will not be able to keep or get erection properly during sexual intercourse. Hence, it is essential to treat erectile dysfunction.

Moreover, due to erectile dysfunction, blood flow decreases in the penis. So that men will not get erections properly.

However, many urologists provide various options to treat erectile dysfunction. These treatments are proved to create erection in men. This article teaches you the situation faced by men for erectile dysfunction and its treatment option. 

What are the situations?

Usually, erectile dysfunction creates many problems in men’s life. Due to erectile dysfunction, men get stressed, depressed, and embarrassed. He does not satisfy his partner in the bed. However, erectile dysfunction also creates anger in men’s life. Men also get anxiety due to erectile dysfunction. However, for erectile dysfunction, men lose their confidence in sexual intercourse. It creates a massive disturbance in the personal life of couples. 

But to avoid all the above situations, it is important to seek erectile dysfunction treatment. These treatments help the men to get happiness in their personal life again. Let’s learn some effective treatments of erectile dysfunction below. 

Medical Options To Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Generally, people who have erectile dysfunction feel embarrassed to take treatments. But it is necessary to take an adequate step for erectile dysfunction cure. The below treatments for erectile dysfunction provide you with effective results. Thus you can have good time with your partner without any embarrassment. Let’s learn about these effective treatments below.

Penile Injection

Penile injection is the best treatment option to treat erectile dysfunction. However, it is a self-administered treatment, which you can do at home. It helps to cure erectile dysfunction by increasing the blood flow in the penis.

Besides this, it is a very efficient treatment option that takes 5 to 10 minutes for erection. In this process, the medication is directly injected into the penis. This increases the blood flow. This treatment provides instant results to the men.

Vacuum pump

The vacuum pump is another best ED treatment. This device helps to create and maintain an erection for a longer time. However, it draws blood flow into the penis through a vacuum process. A vacuum pump helps to increase your ability for intercourse with your partner. Moreover, for weak erection treatment, men use this device and increase their penis size instantly. The vacuum pump helps keep the erection for a minimum of 30 minutes. The vacuum device has some components which help to create erection instantly. Hence, it can be an ideal option treat erectile dysfunction.

Shockwave treatment

Shockwave treatment for ED is a non-pill erectile dysfunction treatment. In this process, people get low-intensity shockwave therapy. However, shock wave therapy helps to strengthen blood vessels in the penile region and improves circulation of blood . Shockwave therapy helps speed up tissue repair and growth in the penis. Doctors do not adopt this therapy to treat erectile dysfunction. But it gives sufficient erection for sexual interaction.


Oral medication plays a vital role to treat erectile dysfunction. Some medicines like Viagra, Levitra, Staxyn, Cialis, and Stendra increase the blood flow in the penis. However, this oral medication is the first choice for most people. After taking these medications, people get enough erection for sexual intercourse. These drugs work very fast, and people get an instant erection after using them.


However, surgery is also an erectile dysfunction treatment options. In this process, flexible rods are placed into the penis; a device filled with saline solution and a pump are also used. This procedure is also known as penis implantation. However, after all the unsuccessful treatments for erectile dysfunction, consider this erectile dysfunction cure.

Sex therapy

Moreover, to treat erectile dysfunction, people use sex therapy. When a man does not get an erection due to depression and stress, sex therapy helps him get an erection. In this process, the couple involves in sex talks, education and counseling. However, this therapy will help to reduce non-organic erectile dysfunction in men. 

Herbs and natural remedies

Additionally, herbs and natural remedies also help for weak erection treatment. Some effective herbs improve the penile function of men. Herbs like epimedium and ginkgo help to improve erection in male sex organs.

Besides this, Korean red ginseng is also effective to treat erectile dysfunction. However, a proper diet plan, weight loss, proper sleep, and exercise help reduce erectile dysfunction. Whenever a person changes his lifestyle and reduces alcohol and smoking, he can get a better sex life.

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Male hormone therapy

Male hormone therapy is very effective erectile dysfunction treatment. If men get erectile dysfunction for low testosterone levels, they can cure it with the help of this therapy. It increases the blood flow in the penile region and fixes the erection of men. This can be an appropriate erectile dysfunction cure.

Bottom line

As shown above, erectile dysfunction decreases happiness in a couple’s life. Thus all the above treatments are helped to cure erectile dysfunction effectively. After using erectile dysfunction treatment, people get long time erection for which couples get perfect sexual intercourse. If you are facing the problem of erectile dysfunction, use one of the above treatments to get a better erection.  

Pooja Saxena