Underworld Movies In Order: Chronological And By Release Date

Underworld Movies In Order: Chronological And By Release Date

The Underworld franchise represents the ongoing conflict between two enduring enemies: the vampires and the werewolves. It’s an incredibly dangerous series that features deadly confrontations between the gangs. The book also reflects the friendship and affection for two hybrids, Michael and Selene (a vampire) amongst the rivalries. Underworld films are always good to see. Here is a complete guide to the Underworld Movie series. Tell me about the difference between vampire and underworld series in the world?

Underworld Movies In Chronological Order

Underworld films are divided into three parallels: creatures vs humans theme, infections that are uprooted around the world, vampire and wolf conflict, and female roughneck stars. The Underworld movies will give you a detailed description of the entire film. You can watch the whole series. Underworld movies is a longstanding movie clan in action. Below is a complete list of all Underworld movie releases. Reading the rest of this book helps you find out what is behind bringing this series into the order. You will learn about the stories, characters and themes in this reading.

Underworld (2003)

The Underworld movie is a recurring theme that is based on the deadly battle between vampire and lycan characters. It starts with anger. The two men moved from the pillar to the post to reveal the power of human beings. Please continue learning all about it.

Tell me the story behind Underworld?

Underworld was the first underworld film. The central themes are the revenges due upon Selene the murderer. Selene wants revenge on Lycan’s werewolves that destroyed Selene’s family. Selene has done everything to fulfill her own sole purpose in life. The next step won’t be revealed to anyone. Selene did everything she could for the plot, which eluded the family of Selene. A mutiny plot to destroy old vampires has been discovered. During this period, the city was devastated by an epidemic. He survived and was eradicated by plagues by Alexander Corvinus. His three children were Markus, William, and unnamed.

Underworld: Evolution (2006)

Underworld movies offer an excellent option for watching an interesting action movie. Underworld Evolution maintains an earlier battle between vampires and werewolves. This is how Michael and Selene show the real Markus and William’s faces. Keep watching for more detail on the Underworld development movie.

Tell me the story behind Underworld: Evolution?

Underworld: Evolution continues with Underworld’s film. In this way, Selene retaliated against Lycans. The two loved each other. But their love faced fierce resistance from their family members. Both had created an effort to reveal their ancestral bloodlines. Selene accompanies Michael at Markus’ (Tony Currans) place in hopes of revengeing his aging vampire. Michael was vampire, Selene was waswolf. Both are from a different tribe. That thing was fueling the hatred between them. They eventually joined in a battle which ended all war hangover. The woman was seeking the support of Markus’team.

Underworld: Rise of Lycans (2009)

Underworld films have great action and thrills. In such movies there are: Underworld rises the Lycan King’s army. This underworld video is strongly linked to the first two underworld films. Watching Lycan rise helps you understand how the movie underworld began.

Tell me the story behind Underworld: Rise of Lycans?

The Underworld Rises the Lycan is the third film in the ” Underworld Movies series. The influx of lycans represents an extension of the Lycan Wars. Many factors have been involved in the rise of the Lycan — mainly their history. This book revolved around werewolf and vampire breeds. Lucian wolves were among the first clans engaged in the Lycan War. Lucian lifeforms are humans. Lucian is capable of transforming beingwolves into humans. Viktor calls himself the “first Lycan.” Afterward Viktor’s daughters Sonja and Lucien were engaged. Eventually, the couple will be expecting their first son.

Underworld: Endless War (2011)

Underworld: Endless Wars is a short animation filmed at the beginning of the year. Three parts of this endless struggle are known for their tales. Every film features a different storyline and a different character. They are both connected to the history of ancient battle: the battles of vampire and werewolf. Let’s tell this story about a long battle in the underworld.

Endless War part 1

A bloody battle portrays Selene (a vampire) with the Lycans (werwolf). The first parts of Underworld: Endless War movies are primarily titled:

Endless War part 2

The defining moments from the two Endless Wars were the following. Please watch part 1 of the film Underworld. Only then can we find hidden truth in Part Two underworld movies.

Tell me the story behind Underworld: Endless War?

This short film’s story centers on a variety of characters and historical periods. Tell us more about the different short films.

Why should you watch Underworld: Endless War?

It should be watched for its thrills, mystery, and mysterious agendas. It would also make sense for you to watch Endless War.

Underworld: Awakening (2012)

Underworld Awakening is the second last movie from the Underworld series. The film’s main story, a title suggests, focuses on a decadental awakening of vampires. Awakening reveals the story of an underworld awakening.

Tell me the story behind Underworld: Awakening?

The film describes the ex-Deceased Dealer’s awakening. Selene wakes from a 10-year jail sentence. Selene had been seeking a hybrid child. She learned that she had two daughters. Selene then began to go back and search for her ill daughter. Selene is free from his lengthy imprisonment and discovers a new planet free of immortal species. Soon after she became independent, she learned that humankind discovered existence of two distinct tribes. Vampire gangs and the Lycan tribe fueled the ancient war. Selene knew about Dr. Jacob Lane’s story.

Why should you watch Underworld: Awakening?

Watch the underworld awakening as it changes. This masterpiece is your best choice in completing the Underworld movie trilogy.

Underworld movies in order: What is the best order to watch Underworld movies?

The Underworld series follows Selenes stories, death trader Vampire hunting Lycans believing they’re Lycans killing him. After becoming obsessed with Lycon her husband learns that vampires have murdered her father.

Underworld: Blood Wars (2016)

Samira, a council member at Vampires, reaches an agreement to allow council members to forgive Selene. She also must train the killer. Selene escaped from Samira when Selene arrived, drank his blood and stole his power but managed to escape with Thomas and David. Alexia convinces Nordic Covens secret partner Marius and plots and captures Selene but Selene can escape. Samira also drinks selenes blood and kills Alexia for an eastern vengeance. Marius learns Alexias death and attacks Covens in their last battle.

Underworld awakening (2012)

Publics have become more aware of vampires and lycae and kill their inhabitants. Selene gets captured by the human population while Michael impersonates Selene with a cryogenic suspension device. After twelve years Selene escaped and learned Vampires as well as Lycans had reached their peak of Extinction. Selene sets her mission for the search of Michael and meets David and his daughter. A few days ago Selene learnt that Lycans has run antigen a cult for killing all immortals.


The Underworld series started in 2003 and is now a popular Fantasy Action Series with 5 films released in 2016. It is highly popular worldwide, and the entire franchise made $538 million in profits. In 2016, Len Wiseman talked about creating a TV series in his latest interview. The series is in chronological order, and includes the complete information guide on Underworld series. Please contact us to get the answer? If that is what I’m looking for please send me an email.

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