A Comprehensive Guide to Education and Certification Verifications

A Comprehensive Guide to Education and Certification Verifications

Education and certification verifications are vital to determining a candidate’s eligibility while hiring for a skilled position. Any individual’s skill and knowledge play a significant role in their potential performance in specific job responsibilities. Therefore, candidates highly emphasise educational background and certifications. Since it can influence a candidate’s chances of getting hired, a few individuals may fabricate the details. It becomes crucial for employers to conduct education verification to ascertain all claims for a fruitful hiring process. 

To effectively conduct these checks without wasting any resources, organisations typically take assistance from professionals. In some cases, a few businesses try to develop in-house infrastructure and utilise resources to carry out such tests without professional help. But this approach is not cost-effective and highly prone to provide inaccurate, delayed results. 

Employee Background Verification:

To get all-encompassing results, companies must hire a background verification company. As a result of this, turnaround time and operational costs decrease. Employee background verification companies are equipped with the necessary resources, technology, and infrastructure to fulfil the checking processes. Additionally, since these background checking processes are inclusive of checking things that can be susceptible pieces of information, privacy is a matter of concern. 

Your business may not be well versed with the privacy terms and policies the government of a specific jurisdiction exercises. In such cases, you may have to hire additional legal counsel. All these aspects get addressed if companies directly partner with verification check professionals. Verification companies hold a legal team equipped to handle such situations efficiently. Firms will not have to worry about breaching privacy policies as reputed background screening companies comply with data protection guidelines, including GDPR, to complete the assessment. 

What All Do You Need to Check During this Process:

For a comprehensive employee background verification, the following must be a part of the education and certification screening process: 

Check All the Qualifications:

To ensure that the person you hire is qualified to take up the job responsibilities, their qualifications must undergo thorough verification checks. Apart from the candidate becoming a valuable addition to the company, such preliminary checks also reduce the firm’s liability. Also, education details screening will help organisations prevent any reputational damage that can negatively impact the customers, shareholders, and vendors’ outlook towards the business. Hence, whether for an executive or sales employee, checking all the qualification details and educational transcripts becomes critical.

The Authenticity of the Diploma:

Diploma mill refers to individuals attempting to fake their certifications and diplomas. It essentially means that the school or college names on degrees and certificates are fake. To ensure you are hiring someone with the required skills for the position, you must check the authenticity of their diploma. Reputed employee background verification companies possess the necessary data and resources to identify the fabricated documents and the existence of unheard colleges and universities in remote areas. 

Verifying The International Education Claims:

Ensuring someone’s claims of international education are legitimate are integral to the checking process. If companies use an in-house process, it may get challenging as it calls for better outreach and contacting foreign institutions. However, with the help of AI-enabled verification solutions, the process becomes easier and result-oriented. Owing to their access to global databases, finding contact details of universities or colleges worldwide is much more convenient for such services. 

Cross Checking Certifications:

Certificates typically include online courses, workshops, participation in competitions, etc. In the context of technical expertise, certification play a critical role in checking if a candidate has the claimed expertise. Due to their highly accessible nature, fabricating these certifications requires almost no effort. With the help of certification and education verification by experts, spotting which ones are not credible or lack authenticity is simple.  

A successful organisation is built on its employees’ quality and core strengths. Employers always strive to hire competent and fully qualified candidates for the position. Although a large part of this can be determined through interviews, employing expert authentication services equipped with automated tools is also important to cross-check all aspects.

Pooja Saxena