Adding Granite or Quartz Countertop to Your Kitchen? How the Ordering and Installation Process Works

Adding Granite or Quartz Countertop to Your Kitchen? How the Ordering and Installation Process Works

Yes! You are getting your kitchen or bathroom remodeled and are beginning to select finishes for the project. You know that you want granite or quartz counters. The Countertop Shop serving our neighbors in Perrysburg and Toledo makes the whole process easy while delivering a unique array of custom choices. Learn how we help to make your dream kitchen come true! The first thing is to plan your shopping trip before your crew begins construction so that you have all the lead time needed for scheduling and sourcing supplies.

What to Bring with You When Shopping for Granite Countertops near Toledo

We have a beautiful showroom with a good selection of countertops and other finishes on display, but using samples of your chosen finishes to match to a slab is always best. We suggest that you bring samples of flooring, backsplash tiles, cabinets, pictures of lighting fixtures and appliances, paint swatches, and other inspiration photos along.

Keep an Open Mind While Considering Unique Slabs of Quartz

You may have an image in your mind of the perfect piece of quartz, but since every slab of stone is different, you may not find precisely what you imagined. At the same time, you may be drawn to a piece of marble, soapstone, or another solid surface that grabs your attention. This is your opportunity to make changes without impacting the timeline or budget.

Make Your Choice and Commence with Construction

Once you have found the perfect stone for your Perrysburg granite countertop, you will put down a deposit. We mark the slab as sold and put it to the side in our workshop. Your construction crew can get down to the business of renovating your old kitchen or bath. Due to the precise nature of custom stone counters, we don’t make a single cut until your room is ready for us.

Our Installation Team Arrives Near the End to Take Measurements

When your kitchen is beginning to look like its nearing completion is when we will visit your home to make a custom template. Electrical and plumbing rough-in should be done. The base cabinets and major appliances must be in their final position. This may also mean that your floors are installed. We only take measurements when we can be certain exactly where the countertop will fit into the space.

We Return with the Custom Cut Granite Countertop

Now we take your template back to our fabrication shop–we don’t ship out the cutting process to a third party. Your quartz or granite counter is cut using a computer-guided robotic saw. Our team of installation professionals coordinate with your contractor to schedule a date. It only takes a morning or afternoon to install your counters. We ensure a proper fit with the sink and faucets at the same time. Our techs will use resins and polish to help minimize the appearance of any seams.

Now you know! Ordering a custom countertop for your Toledo home is easy when you work with The Countertop Shop. Located just down the street in Monclova, OH, our showroom is conveniently located for a fast and satisfying shopping experience. Call today to schedule your personal tour today.

Pooja Saxena