Do Others Control Your Attitude?

Do Others Control Your Attitude?

One of my favorite attitude quotes from William James is, “The biggest discovery of my generation is that people can change their lives by changing their mindset.”

Every time I read it, I feel hope. If you can control your attitude, you can control your life.

I talked many times with my friends about controlling your attitude, and from those conversations I learned that many people find this concept very difficult to understand. There seems to be a general notion that attitude is the result of the environment. For example, if you have an aggressive spouse, you may believe that his behavior is the result of a bad family life. And you have no control over your emotions.

Please think about it.

If you’re waiting for someone to change before you become a winner, you’re letting others control your feelings. Why do you want someone to control you that way?

You can tell me the truth that means you make decisions about your attitude throughout the day No one can freely abandon the winning position.

As I write this, I remember when I had someone in my life control my posture. I have one of the most rude neighbors I’ve ever had (probably an exaggeration, but women hate her attitude). Like many others, he’s always looking for something he can’t show. In short, when this lady knocks on your door, you can rest assured that she isn’t there to wish you a good day.

For years I have allowed this woman to change her mind.

His appearance boiled my blood. This was often talked about in my house. I have always asked my friends and family why this woman is suffering so much. He couldn’t believe anyone was so crazy about him. I have never seen myself obsessed with myself. He hated me so much that I was angry that my thoughts about him had an impact on my life. Do you know what negative impacts a negative person can have?

The indirect influence of my neighbor’s negativity went far beyond the details that made him unhappy. It surprised me, my family, my friends, and those who sat there long enough to hear me admire them. Then one day I read a great quote from Charles Winder. “The longer we live, the more we recognize the impact of attitude quotes in life. For me, attitudes are more important than facts.

This is more important.

More important than the past, more important than education, money. More important than money, more than situation failure, more than success, more than others thinking, saying, and doing church … Home Specifically, every day you choose the scenario of the day You can’t … you can’t change people to act in a particular way You can’t change what’s inevitable The only thing we can do is our attitude Is to have the only rope in my hand … my reaction, so with you.

Great, but except for one, I couldn’t control my posture.

I decided to check the situation immediately. Instead of pulling the bald woman as I dreamed, change his behavior. Every time I saw my neighbor, I smiled and waved. I replaced the idea of ​​hatred for him with the idea of ​​love. I’m sorry he’s so unhappy, and I pray every day that he finds peace. I was happy to be able to free myself from the bondage of bad attitude. The difference was incredible and I knew it right away. Interestingly, this neighbor has rarely turned her back lately. I believe that positive attitudes affect people as much as bad attitudes.

Pooja Saxena