Packing For A Day Hike

Packing For A Day Hike

Hiking is one of the best ways to disconnect, explore nature and get good exercise. Whether you want to challenge yourself or enjoy a leisurely walk, Australia is spoilt for choice when it comes to hiking trails. One such place is the magnificent and lush, Daintree National park.

However, when going on a day hike there are a number of essentials you need to bring along. To make your life easier, here’s a list of ten items that should never leave your side when going for a day hike:

Packing The Right Gear

With all that there is to consider, packing for a Daintree day hike can feel overwhelming, especially if you are a beginner hiker. Packing for a day hike you goal should be to bring all the necessary safety supplies and first aid kit, amenities such as a camera, sunglasses and a change of clothing and necessities such as food, water, a hat and more. 

First Aid Kit

A first aid kit should be a mandatory item for any hike. You never know when you may have an accident or may injure yourself. Injuries range from sprained ankles to insect bites and blisters so it is important to have all the necessary items to ease your discomfort and aid in the recovery process, including a bandage, cold pack, elastic bandage and antiseptic cream.

Weather Appropriate Clothing

When you are packing for a day hike, make sure you are packed appropriately for the weather. It is always important to pack layers as sometimes it becomes colder when exposed to higher altitudes. Also be prepared for rain with an extra pair of clothes, a poncho and rubber boots.

Hiking Boots and Shoes

Hiking boots and shoes are a must as this will make sure you have good grip and ankle support. Similarly, it will protect your feet from insect and animal bits that are potentially dangerous.

Sun Protection

Sun protection is also incredibly important when going on a hike. Even if it is cold or overcast, you can get severely sunburnt – even more so, if you do not feel the heat of the sun.

Food and Water

When going for a hike it is important to bring enough food and water. Dehydration can set in very quickly so a minimum of a litre a day, more if you’re hiking during the summer. It is also important to have sufficient energy from high carbohydrate foods such as crackers, nuts and dried fruits.


A backpack is the most important item to bring. Make sure it is big enough to carry all your items but also has adjustable straps so that you can distribute the weight evenly and comfortably on your back.

Make The Most Of Your Daintree Trip

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