The Beauty of the Watlow F4Ts Simplicity

The Beauty of the Watlow F4Ts Simplicity

When systems need to work in an automated fashion that requires process controllers. If the activities need to happen by the thousands, its process controllers that help keep things in sync, running correctly, and following the programmed direction that was originally directed. However, if the process controllers themselves are poor quality, then they can’t be relied on. This is why the Watlow F4T process controller is such a genius and success in function; it is reliable, high quality, easy to manage and durable under industrial conditions that other equipment would begin to fail.

Programmed Right from the Start

A key advantage of the Watlow F4T process controller is the fact that it is packaged with the Watlow INTUITION software. This allows the component to work with different input/output modules as well as maximum flexibility when installed with systems that can be dramatically different from each other but use the same process controller. And, the intuitive nature of the built-in screen, 4.3 inches and in color, and, best of all, comes in a graphical sensitive-to-touch format.

Easily integrated into multiple uses, the Watlow F4T is ideal for data logging, system process control and temperature control management as well. In fact, it can be partnered up with multiple units on different parts of the same system or put in charge of multiple functions using just the same F4T process controller as the combined management point. This is entirely doable given the Watlow process controller includes multiple I/Os options that can be used simultaneously. It is really a Swiss army knife in terms of use as a flexible systems controller.

Easy to Learn Means Avoiding Operating Mistakes due to Complexity

Training has always been key element of adoption when it comes to bringing in a system or technology change, especially with new equipment. The Watlow F4T simply makes sense to the user right from the start. There’s no complicated coding to remember, or instruction binders to have to carry going from one unit to the next. Instead, the Watlow process controller’s training can be done in a short window, and staff are up and running within a day on how to operate the equipment. Even better, the units are so compatible with so many different I/O formats, they can be connected and re-connected with different systems without an entire re-programming all over again. The configuration process is straightforward and understandable, something facility and system managers will appreciate during an overhaul of old controllers.

Going the Extra Mile is a Natural for Seagate Controls

Seagate Controls is the primary provider for Watlow equipment, including the F4T process controller. However, unlike other system equipment partners, Seagate Controls makes a point to commit to full adoption. That means when a customer buys a Watlow F4T unit for installation, they are provided planning assistance, installation guidance, follow-up, training and education, and troubleshooting support direct by Seagate Controls team. And that’s in addition to the already high-quality customer support provided by Watlow online for its products.

Pooja Saxena