What is a Chiller?

What is a Chiller?

Chiller (coolant circulator) is a general term for the equipment that controls temperature by circulating a liquid, such as water or a thermal medium, as a coolant whose temperature has been set. regulated by the refrigerant cycle. In addition to maintaining a stable temperature of industrial and laboratory equipment, equipment and utensils, it is also used for air conditioning of buildings and factories. It is called a “Chiller” because it is often used for cooling.

The Chiller can continuously supply cooling water while the water circulates in the Chiller hire. It is widely used as a suitable cooling device for heat-generating components and air-conditioning equipment such as laser treatment and constant-temperature high-frequency heating devices, which solves the problems of coolers and can reduce operating costs while improving energy efficiency.

Difference between Chiller and freezer

The role of the Chiller is mainly cooling, and the freezer also has a similar function. The difference between a Chiller and a freezer is vague and some parts can be confusing. However, as you can see from the different names, they are, strictly speaking, different devices. So what’s the difference between a Chiller and a freezer? Here we will explain the difference between them.

Working principle of Chiller and freezer

The operating principles of refrigerators and freezers can be visualized as almost the same. Since both are used to cool the intended objects, both are capable of cooling. The basic principle of a Chiller and freezer is to cool the intended object and lower the temperature, so there is little difference in this regard. It is difficult to distinguish between a Chiller and a freezer and you can easily get confused because the principle of operation is almost the same. There is no doubt that these are very similar devices.

Despite the fact that the principles are almost the same, some differences are visible in the cooling mechanisms. In other words, if you can understand the mechanics, you can begin to see the difference between a Chiller and a freezer. Let’s look at the mechanisms in detail.

Chiller and freezer mechanism

First, let’s look at the Chiller mechanism. The way a Chiller works is that a liquid called coolant circulates in the Chiller hire which cools the intended object. Various liquids, including water, are used to produce coolant, but in each case, the coolant removes heat from the object and cools it. The coolant rotates inside the Chiller and removing heat from that object also means the coolant temperature rises. To use it again, you need to lower the temperature again, so water or air is used here. The coolant temperature is lowered using water or air discharged from the outside, and the cooled coolant is reused to cool the intended object.

 This allows for continuous cooling of the intended object. On the other hand, in a freezer, refrigeration is accomplished by creating cooled air by exchanging heat between the refrigerant and the air. The cooled air produces refrigerant without the use of a liquid, such as a circulating fluid. It might be easier to imagine if you think of it as an air conditioner. By the way, the mechanisms are different, although both devices are used for cooling. If you remember the difference between these mechanisms, it will be easier for you to distinguish between a Chiller and a freezer.

Both Chillers and freezers use compressors. The compressor can compress and release gas.

With their differences, generally in the case of refrigerators, all the equipment except the condenser is in one package, including the compressor. This is a unique feature of the Chiller.

In the case of freezers, each appliance is not packaged in a single package and is in a separate state. Although subtle, these differences are used to distinguish between refrigerators and freezers. You need to understand the difference between whether equipment, including the compressor, is included in a package.

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