What is the importance of main gate vastu? Learn from vastu consultant in India!

What is the importance of main gate vastu? Learn from vastu consultant in India!

Whenever vastu consultant in India carries out any property’s vastu, the first and foremost thing that they notice is its main gate. 

No matter how big or fancy your home or office is, if its main door is placed in wring zone; it is bound to give off many negativity for its occupants, warns vastu consultant in India.

What is so important about main gate vastu? What factors should you focus on for ensuring good main gate vastu? Let us learn the answers to these questions with the help of leading vastu consultant in India. 

What is the importance of main door vastu for overall property?

Whether it is a residential property or commercial one, the main door is the portion that grants entry towards its interiors. It acts like the threshold that connects the inside of the vastu to the outside. 

Without the main door you won’t be able to enter (or exit) the building. Just like it gives passage to people, it also gives passage to the energy that enters the same. 

The world that we live in comprises of both positive and negative energies. The vastu of the building, more precisely the main door determines which one we receive around us.   

It means, if the main door vastu is good, it will channel positive energies in the property and likewise if the main door vastu is bad, it will propagate negative energies instead. 

All in all, the main door vastu determines a huge portion of the overall vastu of the property, says vastu consultant in India. 

A property can have more than one gate, and all its entry point’s vastu matters too; but the main gate must be given priority first. 

In general terms, a vastu can have north facing, west facing, south facing or east facing entrance. But many might wonder how the facing of the vastu is determined? 

Well it is pretty simple, says vastu consultant in India. When you step out of the vastu through its main door, you face towards a direction. This is your vastu facing direction.  

What are padas and how they influence main door vastu?

Though in general north and east facing vastus are considered most auspicious, it is actually the padas that matter in true sense, confirms vastu consultant in India. 

Experts say that no direction is good or bad on its own. All the 4 directions can be considered for placing the main door as long as it is done on the right pada. But what padas are exactly?

Padas are nothing but smaller segments of each direction. Just like direction, each pada has its ruling deity, and unique features. 

There are in total 32 padas in the vastu spreading over all 4 sides (north, west, south and east). Out of these, 10 are extremely auspicious, while 8 are extremely inauspicious. 

Needless to say, you should aim towards making the main gate in any of these 10 padas itself. It will bring immense positivity for you and your needs. These positive padas spreads over all the 4 sides. 

Making the gate on any of these 8 padas will bring severe ill-effects, which might be tricky to resolve entirely. However, the remaining 12 padas will bring only minor vastu defects and can be fixed easily. 

The zones of good and bad padas vary greatly in the vastu, depending upon the direction. For instance, there are no bad padas in north side, but the south side has 4 extremely bad padas. 

You must pay close attention to the pada placement while allocating the main door. Note that not all the padas hold equal proportion in the side. 

It is best to let an expert vastu consultant in India handle the same to be on the safer side. Evaluating the same on your own can lead to inaccurate results, which might trigger vastu defects. 

It often happens that the main gate is present over more than one padas, in such cases it gets influenced by the features of both these padas, not just one. 

In case both these padas are positive, you are in luck. But, if both are bad or either of them is negative, you must implement the remedy for it to reduce or remove its side effects from the vastu. 

Thankfully, fixing the main gate vastu defects is usually hassle free and effective. Mostly it is done through space surgery technique by installing strips of some suitable metal in the flooring of the door. 

Which specific metal strip is suitable for your main door depends upon the pada in which it is located. Expert vastu guru can easily determine this most accurately.  

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