Which Payment Gateway Integration to Choose for Your App

Which Payment Gateway Integration to Choose for Your App

Choosing the best payment gateway is crucial for business success since the customers’ convenience while making online payments depends on it. Therefore, it’s important to compare different payment gateways before choosing one that works best for your business. This is important since there are top payment gateway providers like Plural by Pine Labs that offer exceptional benefits and performance. 

However, since every business is unique; therefore, you must constantly evaluate a gateway for charges, performance, security, integration, etc., and choose one that checks all the right boxes for your unique business model.

If you are thinking of implementing a payment gateway platform for your website or app, here are a few points that you must keep in mind to help you make the right decision!

Evaluate the Payment Gateway for integration and Performance

The best payment gateway is such that you should integrate with your existing website or app seamlessly. The integration process shouldn’t be an elaborate or complicated one while ensuring minimal downtime. Moreover, once the payment gateway is integrated, see if it performs well. 

Depending on your sales, you want to have a system to handle multiple simultaneous transactions without any lags. You don’t want to implement a system that is vulnerable to downtimes, as that would hit your business pretty hard.

Check for Security 

If the gateway isn’t secure enough, you cannot expect customers to visit and transact on your website or app. You need to ensure that the payment gateway complies with all requisite security requirements such as PCI DSS and offers exceptional protection to prevent any leakage of your customers’ sensitive personal or financial information. This is crucial to increase revenue, encourage repeat visits/purchases, and build brand loyalty.

Ability to Accept Multiple Payment Modes

This one’s a no-brainer! There are multiple payment methods available to customers these days, and just having the option to pay via credit/debit cards won’t cut it. You need to offer multiple options to your customers to pay via their preferred payment method.

Check to see if your payment gateway accepts payment modes such as UPI, digital wallets, BHIM, prepaid cards, apart from the more traditional payment modes such as cards, net banking, etc. 

Moreover, it should handle emerging payment modes such as WhatsApp and SMS through a single link to make it even more convenient for your customers.

Accepting International Currencies

You may be selling domestically today, but you might want to expand beyond your home country and start selling to a worldwide clientele tomorrow. Therefore, you need to plan and implement a payment gateway system that readily accepts international currencies.

Customization Options

This one’s essential if you want more brand recall. Giving a customized checkout experience to customers can play a pivotal role in building brand loyalty and more brand recall. 

So, check to see if your chosen payments gateway provider gives you the option to customize the checkout page with your brand’s logo, fonts, colors, etc. You need to stand out from the competition, and a customized checkout experience can do wonders for your business.

Payment system integration is not optional but crucial for your business. No online business can flourish and grow without a proper system that allows it to give its customers the best possible user experience, right from the moment they land on the website, or app, till the time they checkout.

So, if you are a business owner or planning to start an online business before you do anything else, start researching payment gateways and have a plan in place before you go live with your website or app!

Pooja Saxena