101 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

101 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Traffic is crucial to the success of every webmaster and blogger. No matter how good your content is, it’s still worth reading and the traffic makes it possible. This post will list 101 ways you can get traffic to your blog.

Driving traffic doesn’t mean just getting more visitors. Before starting a traffic -driven campaign, make sure you set goals. For example, if you’re generating traffic for your consumer website, you need to take care of demographics. Getting visitors, who are unable to buy is a waste of time and resources. Similarly, with blogs, if you can’t get targeted traffic from search engines or from referral sites, your conversion rate and CTR will be very low.

So let’s start with a big list of traffic driving formulas for your blog.

  1. Write quality posts:

This is the first tip anyone will give you. High quality blogs have quality content. Write well -researched and detailed information.

  1. Comments on other blogs:

Needless to say, commenting helps in many ways. Free backlinks and also for personal branding. Follow a rule of thumb: Only comment if you have something to add, otherwise if you like the post and want to show your appreciation, instead of just saying “nice post”, like or share the post.

  1. Guest posts on other blogs .:

With the declining value of article directories, it’s always a good idea to start guest posting. With a smart visitor posting campaign, you can build HQ backlinks and also increase your credibility. For good Moz rankings, it is important to get high backlinks and also to your internal pages and now homepage only.

  1. Optimize your blog for search engines .:

Well, I know you’re afraid of SEO, but believe me it’s not rocket science. This is a good practice that everyone should follow pc kart. Learn about onpage SEO and also about how to provide proper SEO structure for your blog. My advice, spend 2 hours a day learning SEO and by the end of the month, you will have handled most of the major SEO issues.

  1. Participate in forums related to your niche and include a link to your blog in your signature.
  2. Take advantage of trackbacks- Copyblogger trackbacks sent me over 20 unique visitors.
  3. Write a list of posts .:

Now, when I say write a list post, that doesn’t mean go ahead and work like “Top 10” Top 101, make sure your list is on the mark and actually contains “Top” “Best” instead of random websites or apps on your list.

  1. Write the top 10 posts .:
  2. Write a list of 101 posts like this.
  3. Write about how to drive traffic to a blog:

Everyone needs traffic and share your strategies that work for you. People love other bloggers sharing their secrets instead of keeping them a secret.

  1. Create your mailing list:

Email marketing has been around for a long time and will stay there for a long time. People don’t want to miss Emails, and by creating a targeted mailing list, you’re actually making a lot of money for yourself.

  1. Write for tutorial sites – Like tutorialized.com, many of these sites can send you thousands of visitors per article.
  2. Strive for media coverage – this alone will help you get a lot of traffic.
  3. Write Link-bait posts.
  4. Submit your blog to Technorati, I was looking at my stats recently and I saw they sent me a decent amount of traffic (don’t underestimate their traffic).
  5. Join blogging communities (like MMO Social Network and BlogEngage)
  6. Join a secret blogger club where they retweet and promote each other’s posts-this alone can send you a decent amount of traffic.
  7. Ping Blogs:

Always ping your blog after writing your blog post using a site like pingomatic (Ping O Matic)-this allows some sites to overlap and and can lead to an influx of blog traffic.

Pooja Saxena