6 Top Streaming Sites for Watching Movies & TV Shows For Free

6 Top Streaming Sites for Watching Movies & TV Shows For Free

Finding sites where you can watch movies and TV shows for free is one of the greatest joys of the internet! There’s a wealth of content available, ranging from classic films to recent episodes of today’s most popular shows.

Top Streaming Sites for Watching Movies & TV Shows For Free

However, not everything available for free on the internet is legal or safe. Unauthorized video streams and torrents pose a slew of risks, ranging from malware to legal ramifications for copyright infringement. The good news is that using a VPN, you can safely and legally access excellent free movie and TV streams. A good VPN encrypts your connection and blocks annoying ads and trackers, protecting your personal information from wordpress, hackers, scammers, and phishing attacks.

We will introduce you to the top streaming sites where you can watch shows and movies for free. We’d also show you how to use a VPN to safely stream free content and access geo-restricted streaming content.


Before being acquired by Sony, Crackle was an online video site called Grouper. It has since been rebranded as Crackle and is now one of the most popular free video streaming websites. Crackle offers a large selection of television shows as well as free movies. Crackle is among one of the few free streaming services that offers original scripted content of high quality. They have produced several original television shows. Crackle is also the original home of Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. Avple on the other hand, lets you download and install the modified versions of the apps and games on your phone.

While you do not need a Crackle membership to watch shows and movies, creating a free account allows you to continue watching where you left off and keep track of your viewing history. Overall, Crackle is one of the best free streaming services available.

Tubi TV 

Tubi TV is a service that allows you to watch free movies and TV shows on any device. Tubi TV can be downloaded to your phone, tablet, or streaming device. After downloading the app, you will be able to view untold numbers of programs.

Signing up is entirely free and allows you to sync your queue across all of your devices. This allows you to resume watching your show or movie from where you left off, even if you switch to a different device. Tubi TV’s programming is not composed of low-budget B-movies or independent films. The majority of the most recent films are action films from major Hollywood studios. However, there are hundreds of high-quality titles in other genres, such as comedy and drama.


Vudu provides both free and paid content. You can sign-up for a free account and browse through thousands of television shows and movies. However, you can also buy or rent the latest blockbuster hits.

The free content at Pikashow includes a diverse selection of classic films, contemporary Hollywood films, and classic sitcoms. When watching free content, you will be subjected to advertisements. However, the majority of the ads are brief and do not appear frequently.

The interface makes it simple to navigate the content, with movies and TV shows organized into categories. If you get fed up of the free content, you can quickly access the most recent releases.


Viewster is a video streaming program that enables access to tens of thousands of movies and television shows. However, the vast majority of these programs are documentaries, independent productions, or anime.

The website also offers a large selection of original web content and short films. There is a small selection of popular British shows available. You’ll have to look elsewhere if you want to watch the best shows and movies from major broadcast networks and film studios. Viewster’s key selling point is the wide selection of web series and anime available. Fans of these genres should check out Viewster’s content.


In 2011, Popcornflix, a catalogue of independent films, was released. It is for now available in North America and complements with a variety of platforms such as gaming consoles, streaming devices, and web browsers.

The vast majority of the original content on the site was created independently. There was also a good selection of web series. However, they have begun to add high-quality Hollywood films from a variety of genres. These A-list films are ad-supported, which means you must watch advertisements before you can watch the full-length film.

Free Movies Cinema

Free Movies Cinema features content that has been hand-picked from a variety of sources. To view any of the content, you do not need to be a member or download anything like you enjoy on project free tv. Simply pick what you want to watch and press the play button.

While Free Movies Cinema claims to provide full-length Hollywood films, the majority of the content on the site is independent produced films. There are low-budget and fan-made dramas, as well as trailers and reviews of popular movies.

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