Bficoin journey from $3 to $100 value

Bficoin journey from $3 to $100 value

What a year 2022 has been for Crypto. Almost every Cryptocurrency is in decline, every portfolio is in the red zone. and now the war conflicts around the world also had a great impact on the crypto market.

However, there is one currency that is getting a tremendous increase in its price every day, against the market. With its technology and a promising safe future, the coin BFIC has attracted the attention of the market’s big bulls and whales.


When other cryptocurrencies failed to fulfill their aim, a fintech company“Innovation Factory”  stepped forward and launched BFIC. A Crypto Coin with its own massive utility and the ability to support a decentralized digital economic system. Developed on a 3rd Generation Blockchain Technology, with incredible scalability, and a large utility-based Eco-System. Buy Bficoin, as it is the unavoidable future of the Crypto Industry.

The new leader

Crypto, as we all know, took a major fall a few months ago and has been trading sideways since then. Even in these difficult times, one coin continues to rise and set new records every day.

Despite being a novice to the Crypto business, Bficoin managed to defy market expectations. A coin designed to be the backbone of decentralized global trade is not only increasing in value but also expanding as a utility-based endeavor.

Bficoin entered the market with the price of $3 and made its way all the way to the top of $45 in just a couple of months. And with only two projects in its ecosystem. This achievement is relatively huge if we compare it to the ongoing market trends. This does not stop here. BFIC is planning to go higher as the community is growing stronger and more utility-based projects are on the way.

Following are the few factors that made BFIC go boom from the start and are going to take it to the moon. For making it the most accomplished coin of 2022.

Huge Community

BFIC community is growing immensely as it is the only coin that has a massive ecosystem and all are its utilities at the same time. With more than a hundred thousand downloads of the BFIC network app. Thousands of Facebook followers, and a large number of Youtube families, Bficoin has already surpassed many from the Crypto industry.

These numbers will only grow bigger as the company is already working on the mining app for IOS. This will bring an opportunity for iPhone users to mine Bficoin on their phones. Also, the company has already made an app for XchnageOn. Which was the initial exchange for BFIC (a part of the BFIC ecosystem), and is about to launch. Using this app, the exchange of a big number of coins will be at the fingertips of their users.  Not only this, but the community will also evolve stronger giving rise to the price of BFIC.

Utility-based Projects

BFIC has the biggest utility-based ecosystem ever. Almost 20 projects are already on their roadmap and the list keeps on getting bigger. According to the roadmap of the Innovation Factory’s development team, each project from the ecosystem will be launched every month.

By far, they have done well by their commitment as we have seen the successful launch of 4 out of the listed projects and two more projects are ready to launch in this upcoming month. With the launch of each new project, the price of BFIC will boost.

Top New Exchange Listings

In the last week of January 2022, we have already witnessed a massive boost in the price of BFIC. when it was enlisted on the United Exchange. The company is now planning to be listed on many more exchanges in the upcoming month of March. that include big names like LaToken, CoinGecko. This will surely give an enormous increase in the price of BFIC.

Titanium partner Crypto Expo Dubai 2022

According to the official expo website, over 40 crypto and fintech companies, including. Fast Tokes, B2Broker, and Innovation Factory, have sponsored this huge event.

Innovation Factory taking big steps now towards evolution. Starting from the Crypto Expo Dubai 2022, not only, the company is going to be the “Titanium Sponsor” of this mega event which is going to be held from March 16 to March 17.

The company at booth number 101, will be exhibiting its projects and services. The leaders and CEOs’ will be delivering the insights to crypto traders and investors.

Considering all the factors, the analysts have predicted a minimum price of $100 in the coming month.

Pooja Saxena