Holi is one of India’s most important festivals, and it is celebrated with much pomp and fanfare. While the festival of colors is recognized for promoting peace and unity among all, it is also accountable for negatively impacting our environment in some way.

While many associate Holi with color clashes, water guns, and delectable food, it is essential to consider the health of our ecosystem as well. Sustainably celebrating Holi does not make it any less delightful. Instead, it reduces emissions and our carbon footprint while keeping us secure and productive.

“It is high time that we should understand the importance and meaning that these festivities behold and stop harming our nature in the name of enjoyment”- says Kushal Dev Rathi, an environmentalist.

Here are a few eco-friendly Holi ideas from Kushal Dev Rathi, alias the green man in the making.

Go Organic – With so much adulteration around, don’t expose your skin to the effects of chemical-laden colors. Try to acquire organic colors or prepare your own at home with turmeric and sandalwood powder to enjoy the festival of colors without being hurt.

Resist Using Polyethylene in Any Manner: Do not use plastic to transport colors, and do not use cheap plastic pichkari and balloons. Paper or palm leaf plates are used at Holi events. Also, do not throw plastic in the street. Biodegradable pichkaris are now accessible on the market. They are attractive pichkaris that might be a good investment for you. The drainage system is clogged by balloons.

Avoid loud music or dhols since it pollutes the environment and harms not only animals but also newborns and the elderly.

Choose Environmentally-Friendly Presents for Your Loved Ones: Rather than giving colors as gifts, pichkaris can be given as DIY color kits, healthful foods, dried fruits, fragrant candles, and so on.

Use Blooms: In India, there are several ancient locations and temples where Holi is performed using flowers. To play Holi and create rangoli, you can forego the use of colors entirely and instead use flowers. Herbal colors may also be made from flowers. They will not harm your skin or eyes and will instead improve the skin.

Celebrate and spend quality time with your loved ones since the celebratory mood rises when family is around.


Kushal Dev Rathi, also known as ‘KDR,’ discovered his calling in a rural lifestyle and practice and returned to his origins, giving up all pleasures and temporal benefits. The mogul is also an avid nature lover and a dedicated environmentalist who has been working to restore nature. The proponent of organic and sustainable methods, he has incorporated the same concept into his surroundings. An inspiring person, youth can learn a lot from him. 

Pooja Saxena